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I Asked God To Speak To Me.

I was lying awake last night at around 3:00AM and asked <GOD> to speak to me. I was immediately hit with a response. I felt compelled to get up and write this message down. <GOD> said; “no matter what <I> say … Continue reading

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Dead 2. Life formed, but dormant, perceiving “LIVING”; inhabited by other “LIVE” lines, from other trees of “LIFE”. 3. Life formed, but awakening; sparking its “own” evolution, which creates a scenario where the “form” begins to notice “its” current usage, … Continue reading

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“I” AM Speaking as “GOD” “Himself”

“I” Know What “I AM” Doing. “I” know how it is being perceived. “I AM” Speaking as “GOD” “Himself” or “HIS” “SON” or possibly, the “SON” of “MAN”. I get it! Now you do it! It is like free verse … Continue reading

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