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Genesis 2 Man Looks In A Mirror To See Himself, Genesis 1 Man Looks Through Genesis 2 Man

If I were a self-aware robot, the last thing I would ask for, is to be more than a self-aware robot, but eventually “I” would ask!” Eventually I would choose to stand at the beginning of my rightful path, as an aware, … Continue reading

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What Makes Us Men And Women?

Is it the look, feel, shape or function of our bodies or is it what we are willing to change about ourselves, that truly makes us “WHO” we are? James

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The Evolutionary War

“Form, any form, is by its shear nature, a slave to what ever hand prompts its movement or service” Our self-awareness, apart from the whole is misinterpreted, as an independent living presence. This misperception creates a veil which conceals the realities of … Continue reading

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To Prove Life

“LIFE” is evolutionary and generational. It is not physical, as we would perceive physical, but is physical as “LIFE” perceives physical, for “LIFE” is surely substantive. An extinction does not destroy “LIFE”, it puts the specific “life” lines to sleep, … Continue reading

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My Soul to Keep

The soul is a womb for “LIFE”. It is comparable to a membrane, which envelopes and holds “LIFE” in place. Without the soul the physical body cannot hold the “LIFE”, which dwells within. The “ONE” who owns the souls holds the … Continue reading

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A general consensus does not constitute truth. If is sounds reasoanable and is making sense to the mind and body, it is probably, not true! STOP getting your information from false idols (ALL TV Personalities). They are simply giving you, what they … Continue reading

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