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Id = the what; Ego = the what, perceiving itself as the “WHO”; The Super Ego = God – Combine the ID and the Ego and you have a robot that does not know it is a robot and that is it…

Id = The robot. The Ego = The part of the robot which perceives self. The Id + the Ego = A self-aware robot, which claims “I AM”, through statement, actions and inaccurate perceptions. The Super Ego = The True Life … Continue reading

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“I AM” not saying the Holocaust did not take place. “I AM” saying; it is still going on.

Are we spiritual? Are we the active “LIFE”; the “LIFE” which journeys to bigger and better places, when the body can no longer maintain itself? “I” say; we are not! If the sense of “SELF” we feel, is actually the … Continue reading

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On Behalf of Both Trees

If Sigmund Freud had a “robot” as a frame of reference, “his” contentions would have looked more like this: Id = The “robot”. The Ego = The part of the “robot” which perceives “self”. The Super Ego = The “Men” … Continue reading

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I get to breathe and try and put food on my table as long as you get to do what ever you want to do?

This is an unacceptable arrangement for co-existence. It may have been an acceptable arrangement, had you not created so many things you cannot control, which are now a threat to my existence. “I am” just as important and worthy as you … Continue reading

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The War of Armageddon – Evolution vs. Creation

The pope told us; we should refrain from picturing God as a magician. This is because God does not have a creative hand. God has an evolutionary hand. If “I” needed a hammer, “GOD” would make my hand a hammer … Continue reading

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The Generations of “LIFE” & death

“our” physical language is not sufficient to describe, the realities of “our” existence. “my” expressions segregate “LIFE”, for descriptive purposes and to provide a method for the physical realm to accurately describe the “LIVING”, so “we” may understand “our” placement. “SELF” … Continue reading

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Chapter One – First Generation was A-OK

Chapter One – First Generation was A-OK The whole creates or allows for the creation of a nucleus. The nucleus now becomes the constitution of the entire entity. The constitution is brilliant, bright, powerful and most importantly, focused and dedicated. It becomes an essential and integral part of … Continue reading

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