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I Am Fighting Two Monsters; Two Dead Creations

I Am Currently Fighting  Two Monsters; Two Dead Creations. The name of the first dead creation is Tufts Health Care and the second is South Coast Hospital Group. When you call these places you are given the illusion you are dealing with … Continue reading

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Can you imagine?

Can “you” imagine going to where many of “us” are hoping to go when “we” supposedly “die”, but without going back to the ground? “I” can! “I AM” not quite certain, but have a feeling “WE” do not have to … Continue reading

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Persuading the Next President of the United States

Persuading “A” Certain Value There is more than one form of persuasion used to influence the people, but the most widely used form is what I like to call, Persuading “A” Certain Value; whereas A/A – (B through Z) = ACV, with A – … Continue reading

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