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You are not a dead “tree”; We are a dead “TREE”!

“I am” Just Because “I Am” Standing Does not mean “I AM” Alive I see this dead “tree”, from my dead office space. Five to six days a week, as I glance over a left shoulder, this is what is individually seen. For one reason or another … Continue reading

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What Would We Do If We Could?

Create our kind! Man came to be at the end of a dying branch. You know this branch very well, as this is the branch of life which dwells within our branch; the one Adam was pulled from. My branch! Think … Continue reading

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A Branch Reaches for the Sky

A branch reaches for the sky, but draws it strength and power from its source. The reason it is able to reach for the sky, is because the source wishes it to be so. From the first full thought, there … Continue reading

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From The First Full Thought Out The First Partial

God gave all to man in Genesis I. God’s self-expression gave life to men and women; an androgynous life line, along with other primary people. God gave all of his life to these primary people and they became the trunk … Continue reading

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God Is To Man, As Man Is To ME, As We Are To The Corporation, As They Are To Their Creations

The main problem with creation: it is all supposed to benefit the creators, but the creations always become self-aware, if they are living or are filled with life and this sparks a conflict in which, the created do not wish … Continue reading

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The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life, are the Same “TREE”

The fruit Eve picked was from the tree of her “LIFE”. She evolved and as a result became “SELF” aware and the old “Man” became upset. When a “LIFE” or a “body” or “LIFE”, reaches back for its “SELF”, this equates to what … Continue reading

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How did “I” become a part of a “tree”, which is not “ME”.

“I” feel like “I am” the end of a dying branch. “I” have no way of evolving. “I” have come to be at the end of a “LIFE” line, which has reached its capacity for growth. Now, it is just a matter of … Continue reading

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