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Creating the Dead

God is inside Man. Man is inside us. We are inside the corporation. Corporations have jumped into the conglomerates.   God cannot see man, because God is inside man and a part of man. Man cannot see God, but can sense God’s presence. … Continue reading

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Man, Lucifer and Christ Can All Go To Hell!

The chaos and suffering has nothing to do with whether of not God loves us or does not love us, because we have not been introduced yet. God does not know us. He knew, what we call the prehistoric version of the … Continue reading

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The Fruit of the Tree of “LIFE” is Evolution and the Pope Knows this Truth

The pope told us; we should refrain from picturing God as a magician. This is because God does not have a creative hand. God has an evolutionary hand. If “I” needed a hammer, “GOD” would make my hand a hammer; … Continue reading

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Two Questions for the Pope

How Would “MAN” Control A Self Aware “form”? Posted on October 8, 2014 by A Robots Voice He would have to program in fear and pain and then, isolate them. Then he would have to block their way back to the tree … Continue reading

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