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The Unknown, Unseen Terrorist

The first time the President of the United States used an executive order or any other method, overt or covert, to create a division, department or agency of the United States government that is, i… Source: The Unknown, Unseen Terrorist

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Any body or bodies, which can come together to jail, enslave, restrict growth, restrict or confiscate resources, remove from power or exterminate. We fall within this definition of enemy and believe me, we have been identified as such. The evolution of … Continue reading

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Fifty Gay Men Dead

Fifty gay men dead. Twenty grade school children massacred. Three thousand plus, back in 2001 and we still cannot see what is going on. Our creations are out of control. Our version of Man, wants a one world government and … Continue reading

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Straddling Two Worlds, Born of Three

A world comes together; installs and integrates a nucleus. The nucleus is not from this world, but is given to this world in an effort to save the world. It presents ideals and principles foreign to the world, but taken as truth, by … Continue reading

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A Granddaughter Obligated, by her Papa’s Lack of Faith and Cowardace

I do not want my granddaughter obligated to purchase a certain prescribed allotment of corporate goods in order to be allowed the perception of freedom or right to breath. I do not want her to be obligated to a debt … Continue reading

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Hidden Behind The Programming

They will report a hostage situation in a coffee shop, which ended with three casualties. They will report the similarities between the Australian people and the people of the United States and warn of the same type of attacks being played … Continue reading

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