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Billionaires & Trillionaires

Billionaires and Trillionaires are the modern-day kings and queens of this planet and we never hear them mentioned on any news outlets. They may speak of these people by name, but never tag them for what they are. I heard … Continue reading

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Dallas Terror; Crazy US Citizens or Something Else?

All I ask is you keep an open mind as to cause and effect. They show you a horrific attack and then go on national TV and make another grab for the semi-automatic weapons. We, as descent people cannot contemplate … Continue reading

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Straddling Two Worlds, Born of Three

A world comes together; installs and integrates a nucleus. The nucleus is not from this world, but is given to this world in an effort to save the world. It presents ideals and principles foreign to the world, but taken as truth, by … Continue reading

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