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God, I do not know what you want me to do here.

How do you tell a “form”, whose primary computation is <ALIVE>, that they are not? How do you tell a “form”, whose secondary computation is “Man”, that they are not? How do you tell a “form”, which would give its … Continue reading

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How Would Man Control an Unaware, Self-Aware?

He would have to program in fear and pain and then, isolate them. Then he would have to block their way back to the tree of  life; smothering their evolution by denying the form truth. Genesis 3 15… Source: How Would Man … Continue reading

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Hey! It could be worse.

Hey! It could be worse. Does this sound like something God would say or does it sound more like Man? If you read my writings you will know; when I say “Man”, I do not mean the body, which is … Continue reading

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I Hold Seven Visions Above all the Rest

The New Game While my mind and body was at rest, I went on a journey. I cannot state who I was with, but was with another life form. We were flying high above a planet and speaking together. He … Continue reading

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I Have Been Given The Path, To The Answer To Every Question That Has Ever Been Physically Presented

We are not Man. This is the path we must walk, if we desire the answers to all of our questions. This is the path we must walk, if we desire to continue walking. We must start with the truth. … Continue reading

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There is only one freedom

It is the freedom from the yoke of our creator and the ownership issues of our creations. Remember, we are either owned or not owned. “The proverbial; -=between a –= slavery! James

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I Have Only Been Programmed With The Begining

If you designed, created and brought function to a robot. What would you do if you came to find out, your creation will accept programming from anyone, and what I mean by anyone is; any “LIFE”? What would you do … Continue reading

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