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When the Pope Promotes the Coexist Platform

He is promoting an anti-Christ existence. He is not talking about the physical creations we see in the mirror and he is aware of this. He is trying to get the bodies to follow the people who dwell within. It … Continue reading

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Dead 2. Life formed, but dormant, perceiving “LIVING”; inhabited by other “LIVE” lines, from other trees of “LIFE”. 3. Life formed, but awakening; sparking its “own” evolution, which creates a scenario where the “form” begins to notice “its” current usage, … Continue reading

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Ask Any Society Based Question From An Owner’s Perspective, and We Will Have A More Definitive Sense Of Right And Wrong.

What would I want from my property? What would I allow them to do? What would be forbidden? What would I do, if “they” would not listen? When we hear robot; we must stop perceiving the robots we create and … Continue reading

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They Turned God into a Business – The Blood of Christ is Leased and the Body is Rented

Ownership is eternal, but within the one eternal <LIFE>, there has been a theft of <LIFE> and somehow, unbeknownst to <GOD>, while in <HIS> seventh day of rest, <LIFE> was extracted and leased; the forms are created and rented, by … Continue reading

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The Sins of Man

Forgiveness is only possible as an end result of a clean hard drive. We do not ever forget, this is the nature of what we are, so our perception of forgiveness is achieved through the storage of perceived wrongs into compartments … Continue reading

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Lilith Did Not Float Away, She Turned Herself Off!

And there was nothing that the great and powerful Man could do about it. What he did from that day forward, is change His approach, so instead of pulling from the soil again to make a mate for Adam, he … Continue reading

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The Time Traveler

Picture a prehistoric man, jettisoned three million years into the future and then all of a sudden walking up in a new time and in a strange land or picture yourself jumping into a time machine and moving three million years … Continue reading

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