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A Damned Bible

If “GOD” wanted to reach us, “GOD” would do so and would not need a damned bible to do it. The bible is in place for two reasons: To provide basic rules for existence. To confound the forms. The bible … Continue reading

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The Holy Bible – I am the Christ, for “I AM” the “BODY”.

The Holy Bible was put in place by a later generation of man to confuse and mislead us into believing we are man, when we are not! This is how our creators stifle our “LIFE”, as we are stuck in … Continue reading

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The Bible – Reverse Engineered

Change the comma in the middle of verse 4 Genesis II to a period. Move the text prior to the period and re-place as the ending to Genesis I. See the content after the period and re-place as the beginning of … Continue reading

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Then You Kill God

We allow a dead entity to be created in our name and reportedly, for our own benefit and our perceived representatives give this dead entity the exact same rights as a living human being is supposed to have. Then we give wealthy forms of … Continue reading

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They are our children, but they are not family!

Our Kind Of Men & Women We come together as one body, to create living forms, as our children. As individual entities they walk this planet under the power of our creative nature and life line and most importantly, hold this life … Continue reading

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Man Hijacked the Seventh Day and Placed it into Genesis II.

GOD created all “LIFE” in seven days. Man created all “things” in one day; Gods’ seventh day. Placing the seventh day into Genesis II, instead of Genesis I where it belongs, is a way to combine two worlds into one, … Continue reading

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This is What My Writings Are About – Man Dwells Within and is Showing Off

The “LIFE” which constitutes our form, is not Man! That sense of “SELF” you are feeling is not Man! It is Christ! Believe me; all of the wealthy and powerful bodies that arranged this spectacle are all followers of Man … Continue reading

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