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Man Hijacked the Seventh Day and Placed it into Genesis II.

GOD created all “LIFE” in seven days. Man created all “things” in one day; Gods’ seventh day. Placing the seventh day into Genesis II, instead of Genesis I where it belongs, is a way to combine two worlds into one, … Continue reading

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When is a Starting Line, a Finish Line? When we stand on the starting line, perceiving we are already alive!

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LIFE” is not what we think it is, “LIFE” is “SOMEONE” else.

Man is not the product of an evolutionary expression, nor the physical manifestation of a creative hand. The first “MEN” and “WOMEN” are the “EVOLUTION”, not the result of the evolution. “MAN” is the “LIFE”, expressed! “MAN” is the growth … Continue reading

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The “LIVING” Language

“our” physical language is not sufficient to describe the realities of “our” existence. “my” expressions segregate “LIFE”, for descriptive purposes and to provide a method for the “physical realm” to accurately describe and understand “LIFE” and to hopefully, open up a … Continue reading

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When will the dead reach for “LIFE”?

The further the physical mind distances the body from “TRUTH”, the further the body is from a “LIFE” of its own. Take a nice deep breathe and know; it does not constitute “LIFE”. Jump up a down and run around and know … Continue reading

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