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I get to breathe and try and put food on my table as long as you get to do what ever you want to do?

This is an unacceptable arrangement for co-existence. It may have been an acceptable arrangement, had you not created so many things you cannot control, which are now a threat to my existence. “I am” just as important and worthy as you … Continue reading

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Baby “i” Gets It

If the beings I have met with, while either asleep or in some type of out-of-body experiences are correct about the physical presence here and abroad, then I can certainly understand why we created nuclear weapons. If a Man came … Continue reading

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Persuading the Next President of the United States

Persuading “A” Certain Value There is more than one form of persuasion used to influence the people, but the most widely used form is what I like to call, Persuading “A” Certain Value; whereas A/A – (B through Z) = ACV, with A – … Continue reading

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Programmed Navigable Outcomes

There is more than one form of programming used to control and manipulate the masses, but the most widely used form is what I like to call “A” Certain Value Programming; whereas A/A – B – C = ACV, with A … Continue reading

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