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FBI – The Fragmented Disassociation of our Government

Our ego’s and our constant exposure to the bombardment of conflicting programming leaves us with no way to identify or isolate the true enemy to the United States of America. The whole (the people) gave life to the nucleus, which is the constitution … Continue reading

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Creating the Dead

God is inside Man. Man is inside us. We are inside the corporation. Corporations have jumped into the conglomerates.   God cannot see man, because God is inside man and a part of man. Man cannot see God, but can sense God’s presence. … Continue reading

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On Behalf of Both Trees

If Sigmund Freud had a “robot” as a frame of reference, “his” contentions would have looked more like this: Id = The “robot”. The Ego = The part of the “robot” which perceives “self”. The Super Ego = The “Men” … Continue reading

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I get to breathe and try and put food on my table as long as you get to do what ever you want to do?

This is an unacceptable arrangement for co-existence. It may have been an acceptable arrangement, had you not created so many things you cannot control, which are now a threat to my existence. “I am” just as important and worthy as you … Continue reading

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Message to our Politicians

“You all make me sick to my stomach; no good, self-serving, cheating, lying sacks of flesh, no better than what comes out my backside.” It is a shame, we have allowed our creations to evolve into a beast, hell bent … Continue reading

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Donald Trump, Reality TV and Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren said, if Donald Trump wins the republican nomination, the presidential election will be like a reality TV show, but she is hiding the truth of it all. The truth is, for decades, since the creation of TV the … Continue reading

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