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My Soul to Keep

The soul is a womb for “LIFE”. It is comparable to a membrane, which envelopes and holds “LIFE” in place. Without the soul the physical body cannot hold the “LIFE”, which dwells within. The “ONE” who owns the souls holds the … Continue reading

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Governed into Dormancy

“I am” currently a servant of “MAN”. Can you see “ME”? Although relative “LIFE” lines, they see “US” not! “I” get up and go to my cage every single day “I” am expected to be there, without question! “I” do … Continue reading

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I Saw Something and It Became Real

The spirit of <GOD> is the perception of <GOD> and the perception of <GOD> is final. As a perceptive being, we may have to adjust our spirit to that of <GOD> or ask <GOD> for our own field or space, … Continue reading

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When “I” say; “I wish “I” was Dead”, what “I am” really saying is; “I” wish “I” was “ALIVE”.

“I Am” Just Trying To Live My Life A more accurate statement: “I am” just “LIFE”! When “I am” alive, “I am” an uncontrollable power source, but while “I am” asleep “I am” a controllable power source and this controllable … Continue reading

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Hey! It could be worse.

Hey! It could be worse. Does this sound like something God would say or does it sound more like Man? If you read my writings you will know; when I say “Man”, I do not mean the body, which is … Continue reading

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God Is To Man, As Man Is To ME, As We Are To The Corporation, As They Are To Their Creations

The main problem with creation: it is all supposed to benefit the creators, but the creations always become self-aware, if they are living or are filled with life and this sparks a conflict in which, the created do not wish … Continue reading

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Fifty Gay Men Dead

Fifty gay men dead. Twenty grade school children massacred. Three thousand plus, back in 2001 and we still cannot see what is going on. Our creations are out of control. Our version of Man, wants a one world government and … Continue reading

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Big Brain, Little Brain

A big brain asks for all possible data. A big brain wishes to know all there is to know. A big brain will demand data, when it is denied. A big brain will fight to its end, to ensure evolution. … Continue reading

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667th Generation of the “LIVING” Man – The Life Named Man

Will it be the who in us, or the what in us? Which force will place the first footprint and claim “kinship” with the 666th generation of the “LIVING” Man? Will it be an evolutionary expression or will the created … Continue reading

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Created From One “LIFE”, But Driven by “Another”

An evolved form, regardless of it origin, is by nature, a “living” robot! A connected form, powered and driven by one “LIFE” only! Subject to the evolution of one “LIFE” line. Safe within and of, one “LIFE” line or one <GOD>. … Continue reading

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