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When “I” say; “I wish “I” was Dead”, what “I am” really saying is; “I” wish “I” was “ALIVE”.

“I Am” Just Trying To Live My Life A more accurate statement: “I am” just “LIFE”! When “I am” alive, “I am” an uncontrollable power source, but while “I am” asleep “I am” a controllable power source and this controllable … Continue reading

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What Would We Do If We Could?

Create our kind! Man came to be at the end of a dying branch. You know this branch very well, as this is the branch of life which dwells within our branch; the one Adam was pulled from. My branch! Think … Continue reading

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I Beg You “MAN”

We are creating artificial life or a GOD spark, in the Hadron Collider, which spans out across France & Switzerland, as you read this message. When we insert this artificial power source into one of our creations and our creation comes to be “ON”, how … Continue reading

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