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Would You Allow Another Pearl Harbor?

If you knew for certain, the population of “forms” would not back up your efforts to use obscene force, unless you allowed another Pearl Harbor type event, but could guarantee an additional 1000 years of a persisting presence for the “forms” if you … Continue reading

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Baby “i” Gets It

If the beings I have met with, while either asleep or in some type of out-of-body experiences are correct about the physical presence here and abroad, then I can certainly understand why we created nuclear weapons. If a Man came … Continue reading

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Lies Smother “LIFE” – Nuclear Weapons Murder “LIFE”

A portion of my revelations state: the ruling physicals have been using the threat of nuclear weapons, ever since they showed they could and would use them, to keep the “LIVING” realms at bay and away from this planet, the bodies and the … Continue reading

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Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapons kill life. They destroy non-physical life, which is The God of All Creation. You see, contrary to our perceptions, what is seen in the mirror, is instilled with life, not living. The mind and body is just a physical creation designed to … Continue reading

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