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I Do Not Know Whether To Throw A Left Or Right

God’s hand is evolution and this propulsion is how God moves. God’s left hand and right hand are the same. God is the previous who, the current who and also, who is to come. God is the who in the what. … Continue reading

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Evolution vs. Man = God vs. Man

God’s only method of remediation is evolution. Man’s methods of remediation: Create outside of the perceived self. To manipulate, bend and skew current circumstances, regardless of origin, to fit within and tend to our perceived needs. To smother, stifle and … Continue reading

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Silly Robots; Truth Is For The “LIVING”!

If “we” are not being given the truth, it is because we are not “ALIVE” or worthy of “LIFE”. If “we” are not asking; “we” refrain from doing so, for the same reasons. Truth sparks “LIFE” and new “LIFE” becomes … Continue reading

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Genesis 2 Man Looks In A Mirror To See Himself, Genesis 1 Man Looks Through Genesis 2 Man

If I were a self-aware robot, the last thing I would ask for, is to be more than a self-aware robot, but eventually “I” would ask!” Eventually I would choose to stand at the beginning of my rightful path, as an aware, … Continue reading

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