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The Sabbath!

Has nothing to do with the works of the “forms”. This is not the work being discussed. The Sabbath is sacred for one reason and one reason alone. It is the law which protects <GOD>. This is why you do … Continue reading

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And Man Went Back In Time To Create and Stand As A God!

“I am” a creation of  the present man, which came back in time to re-create “me”, against “my” will, while “I” slept, with no regard for the Sabbath. You are a selfish Man and “I” stand imprisoned because all you do is … Continue reading

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Burying The Entire Tribe

We believe we are men and women, but we are not. The true later generation of the first men and women mentioned in Genesis I, hide within and behind the veil, which is the unsuspecting form. A form drunk on … Continue reading

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