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Just Play This Game With Me

How many things on your mind today? How many things do you have to do? How many struggles are you facing? How many joys are you experiencing? Try not to think of them as, “not news worthy”! For the sake … Continue reading

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I Am So Wrong, I May Not Be Able To Be Rectified!

“I AM” so wrong, “I” may not be able to be rectified! The first step “I” took; “I” took as alive, but “I” was wrong! The second step “I” took; “I” took as Man, but again “I” was wrong! “I” mirrored … Continue reading

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What Does Man Look Like?

They look exactly like us, except without clothes. I have dreamed with these people. I have met with these people. I have sat across, what was perceived to be a table and have been communicated wit… Source: What Does Man … Continue reading

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I Am Not Promoting Suicide, “I Am” Promoting Not Alive! (Revised)

Not to make oneself not alive, but to see oneself as not alive, for if you already perceive yourself to be alive, then you will never pull fruit from this tree. Why would any body attempt to pick fruit from … Continue reading

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F… the polls F… the programming F… the media F… hillary and bill clinton F… obama F… trump F… the splinter cells of our government, which have evolved into terrorists F… the powerful bodies dictating protocol F… the pedophiles and child … Continue reading

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Sigmund Freud, the Robot & Armageddon

If Sigmund Freud had a “robot” as a frame of reference, “his” contentions would have looked more like this: Id = The “robot”. (My Contention – “we” were made from a dormant sleeping “life” line) The Ego = The part of … Continue reading

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What’s Missing?

For things? It is more things. For “life”? It is “Life”. For “Life”? It is “LIFE”. For “LIFE”? It is <LIVE> or <ALIVE>. What is natural for any level of “person” is to be <FREE>; to strive for the rest of … Continue reading

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