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Did “Life” pass us by, again?

Did evolution skip a generation? Our Generation? Created by an evolved “Life” form, which is a later generation of “MAN”. This “Man” pulled from a extinct, dormant “life” line and used “it” as a building block for a new “form”. The … Continue reading

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The Gospel of James – Chapter One

“GOD” “SELF” expressed all “LIFE” in one single thought. As a result of “HIS” thought, veins of “LIFE” were established, similar to the circulatory system of the physical body, although this “LIFE” is not physical as we would perceive physical. There … Continue reading

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Gospel of Thomas – Verse # 1

The Nag Hammadi Library The Gospel of Thomas Translated by Thomas O. Lambdin                          (Visit the Gospel of Thomas Collection for additional information) This is the interpretation of The Gospel of Thomas, by James.   I would like to clarify some … Continue reading

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