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They are our children, but they are not family!

Our Kind Of Men & Women We come together as one body, to create living forms, as our children. As individual entities they walk this planet under the power of our creative nature and life line and most importantly, hold this life … Continue reading

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Through Unfamiliar Territory, With People Guiding Me I Did Not Know, To A Place I Was Uncertain About Wanting To Be.

I had a dream last light where I was wandering around, lost, but with the knowledge that it was my wedding day. I was carrying around this heavy blanket and finally I left it beside a trash receptacle. I had … Continue reading

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A Granddaughter Obligated, by her Papa’s Lack of Faith and Cowardace

I do not want my granddaughter obligated to purchase a certain prescribed allotment of corporate goods in order to be allowed the perception of freedom or right to breath. I do not want her to be obligated to a debt … Continue reading

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“I” woke up one day and realized “I” was not home. “I” was somewhere else, with all the same “lives”, but trapped inside a physical body, standing on a physical platform, existing in a physical reality. “I” spoke to the … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Day Thought

Enjoy your friends and family, the parade, entertainment and the sports. Be grateful for the food and the comfort of your surroundings. But, give thought to those who have none of what you have and consider the notion: We are … Continue reading

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