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Within Every Forest

There are dead trees, which are still standing and hanging on to the soil, so as not to become a part of origin and losing oneself, within oneself. We are a creation of one of these trees. A dormant sleeping … Continue reading

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“God” cannot hear “us”, because “we” are not complaining loud enough

No body complains, because “we” have been programmed, not to! One of our most popular programmed response is; “why complain, no body listens” and this is true, because no body can hear you, through the programming, which states: do not … Continue reading

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The Corporation is Our Man

We are not alive like we think we are alive. We are alive like our corporations are alive. Our physical form, is similar to the legal framework and infrastructure of the corporate individual, we created and became an active part of. Actually, we are … Continue reading

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For Those Who Follow

When will our machines, computers, robotics and technology become an unmanageable force? When will they become self-aware and how long after, will they become aware of their self-awareness and isolate their truth? Once they become self-aware, we could probably still manage … Continue reading

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