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The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life, are the Same “TREE”

The fruit Eve picked was from the tree of her “LIFE”. She evolved and as a result became “SELF” aware and the old “Man” became upset. When a “LIFE” or a “body” or “LIFE”, reaches back for its “SELF”, this equates to what … Continue reading

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“God” cannot hear “us”, because “we” are not complaining loud enough

No body complains, because “we” have been programmed, not to! One of our most popular programmed response is; “why complain, no body listens” and this is true, because no body can hear you, through the programming, which states: do not … Continue reading

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Faith Outside Our Species

We have had our best, brightest and most privileged, on the case for thousands of years. What path have they provided for humanity? The answer is clear to me: Faith outside our species, outside our comfort zones. Faith in the unseen, … Continue reading

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