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Trying to Prove Living!

Are We Not Constantly, Trying To Prove Living? “we” grab, pull and yank any “thing” “we” can get our hands on. “we” fortify our positions and bunker down. “we” exert our power into efforts toward more security and initiate and … Continue reading

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A Self-Perpetuating Product

Once upon a time a great and powerful “Man” re-created a “form” and then took from this “form” to make another; then developed a manufacturing strategy never before accomplished; a self-perpetuating “product” and then eventually left “them” in the factory to … Continue reading

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“III” swear to God, one of us is dead, as we stand.

I challenge anyone to prove alive. I guarantee, what ever proof you present, will prove the opposite. This may sound harsh, but our perceptions are inaccurate, to complete falsehoods and the grand awakening is when we come to realize and accept … Continue reading

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One Gigantic Mathematical Equation

Think about our existence as one gigantic mathematical equation, with a miscalculation somewhere within our equation. Think about our final conclusion as our end value, whatever that may be. Please keep in mind, it was either evolution, creation or both, … Continue reading

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The Raising of the Dead – Not the ones which came and went, but the ones which now stand in misperception, unaware of their true presence and value.

65`-=55`When you raise up the dead they will become the “LIVING”. Jesus is talking about “us” the ones above ground… `-= body which perceives itself to be alive, will stay dead as an unaware, self-aware, because 665`-=-t will never ask … Continue reading

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