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In My Dreams I Am Always Trying To Help My Son, But Am Also The Son In My Dreams.

Or is it more of a Christ, anti-Christ thing?

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When Are Dreams Reality

I had dreams last night, which were just awful. I was a house and there were these beings, that were in the house with me, but they were hostile; not in a way where they would show anger toward us and then … Continue reading

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It is only 4:30 AM

I had another really strong and powerful feeling dream; like I was there, really there. It had to do with coming home to a family home. I had no expectations of seeing my father, but my mother was supposed to … Continue reading

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Three Children

I met with this man last evening. I do not know who he is, but I have met with him before. I would reference our relationship as adversarial. We are cordial, but not nice to each other, there is a touch … Continue reading

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I Asked God To Speak To Me.

I was lying awake last night at around 3:00AM and asked <GOD> to speak to me. I was immediately hit with a response. I felt compelled to get up and write this message down. <GOD> said; “no matter what <I> say … Continue reading

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I Hold Seven Visions Above all the Rest

The New Game While my mind and body was at rest, I went on a journey. I cannot state who I was with, but was with another life form. We were flying high above a planet and speaking together. He … Continue reading

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Between A Father and Son

It was one house; an estate divided three ways. With three heirs each entitled to a portion. The end unit was the nicest, but was for sale and “I” was the selling agent. I was trying to find a place for the for sale sign, … Continue reading

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