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The Pre-Resurrected “LIFE”

via The Pre-Resurrected “LIFE”

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I Looked Through the Window and Saw Man

A robots nature is what is transpiring as a result of the programming received or accepted. Its design is what ever was created, but has no nature until it has been programmed. If a boy robot is in… Source: I … Continue reading

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Nature Designed

In our case; our shear nature and design, dictate living robot. Nature being the living part and the design; a restriction and confiscation of truth, resulting in the robot, which is a stifled living form. It is the denial of … Continue reading

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Created From One “LIFE”, But Driven by “Another”

An evolved form, regardless of it origin, is by nature, a “living” robot! A connected form, powered and driven by one “LIFE” only! Subject to the evolution of one “LIFE” line. Safe within and of, one “LIFE” line or one <GOD>. … Continue reading

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To Fulfill the Destiny of One Good Life.

Divine by nature. Negated by design. Overcome by our divine nature. Then stifled, by design. Overcome, once again, by our divine nature. A Life line formed, then negated. A blossoming Life line awakening, then stifled! A foul purpose and malice intent, shown and … Continue reading

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Such a Cross!

If we had the capability and the resources to build a personal robot to tend to the tasks we did not see the need to tend to anymore, would we build such a robot? How do you know such a robot … Continue reading

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