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An Unholy Communion

One in which a party or parties are aware of the communion, while one or more parties are not. The term party, entity, form, structure, system are all interchangeable. An unholy communion allows for the use of a lesser being, … Continue reading

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A Builder’s Story – A Creators’ Dilemma

I am a wealthy man and own very many homes; a land lord with properties in thousands of locations. In one of these locations is the first home I ever built. It is the pride and joy of my life and even though I … Continue reading

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There Is Life After Death

When “we” all come together to the realization of dead. If “Man” can keep “us” confused about “LIFE”, then “we” will allow the little “we” have to be stolen away, from within! If “we” wait until “we” go back to … Continue reading

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I Will Tell You of My Secret

I want to die! Not to die, so I may live! To die, so that I may die! At the end of my drinking, drugging and degradation I prayed to <GOD> insistently to either; “take me or save me” and … Continue reading

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Not the person, but…

The body! We as one person, have not seen ourselves as we stand, separated upon ourself. Man showed up, either through time, dimensions or across the expanse of space to take from a sleeping person and form this piece into … Continue reading

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The Nature of Creation as it Applies to our Freedom and Survival

The dead things we have allowed to be created in our name; reportedly for our benefit and the benefit of all humanity have become as self-aware as any dead thing can become. When any form, live or dead becomes aware of … Continue reading

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Picture my ass on fire and my head about to explode

Picture the robots our version of man is creating now, on our behalf and bend in the wind of potential truth to come to the place of knowing, what we are allowed to see is nothing close to what our creations … Continue reading

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