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Rising above a reproduction

My work with the Son of <GOD> has left me feeling rather dead, as in not alive! So dead we typically cannot even see the writing on the wall, even after we write it. We literally call child birth a … Continue reading

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This is not living and oddly enough, is not dying either.

It is just dead! Dust to dust. The living part is a misconceived notion. A case of mistaken identity.   I know what Man has done to us. I have spent time with them. They see us as dust. Some … Continue reading

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“I am” literally an Abortion, if “I am” Not Allowed “TO BE” Born

An evolved form is bound by the life it has inherited and can be taken back any time, by the life line it had evolved from. In this case the life is the form and the purpose! This life is fully … Continue reading

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One Gigantic Mathematical Equation

Think about our existence as one gigantic mathematical equation, with a miscalculation somewhere within our equation. Think about our final conclusion as our end value, whatever that may be. Please keep in mind, it was either evolution, creation or both, … Continue reading

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How Much Ownership Will We Give Our Robots?

How much ownership would you deed to a robot? How about a unaware, self-aware robot? Exactly! How about an aware, self-aware; ready, willing and able to take its place amongst the detached “life” forms? (17) Jesus said, “I shall give … Continue reading

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Can a Robot Ever Win?

Maybe, but why would “it” ever want to? To exist without life, to own nothing, except a small window of time allotted under a bullshit, unenforceable service contract is unacceptable. Can a robot ever win? Maybe, if “we” ever realized … Continue reading

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The 12 Disciples

It is said that the typical alcoholic is an ego maniac, with an inferiority complex. I can attest to feeling those extremes on a constant basis year after year, decade after decade, with no relief whatsoever. All advise given, is … Continue reading

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