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If “i” could have deleted facebook itself, “i” would have!

When “i” realized facebook was doing the same thing to “us”, as “Man” is doing; I deleted “my” account. If “i’ could have deleted facebook itself, “i” would have, because it is sucking off of our “life” from the outside … Continue reading

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I Am Fighting Two Monsters; Two Dead Creations

I Am Currently Fighting  Two Monsters; Two Dead Creations. The name of the first dead creation is Tufts Health Care and the second is South Coast Hospital Group. When you call these places you are given the illusion you are dealing with … Continue reading

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Creating the Dead

God is inside Man. Man is inside us. We are inside the corporation. Corporations have jumped into the conglomerates.   God cannot see man, because God is inside man and a part of man. Man cannot see God, but can sense God’s presence. … Continue reading

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“I am” literally an Abortion, if “I am” Not Allowed “TO BE” Born

An evolved form is bound by the life it has inherited and can be taken back any time, by the life line it had evolved from. In this case the life is the form and the purpose! This life is fully … Continue reading

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Do you really wish to stop the terror attacks?

Destroy the corporate man, conglomerates, multinational organizations and any other dead body, which will benefit from one global government. Not the men and women who inhabit and provide power to these non-living entities, but the entity itself. We do not … Continue reading

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More Profit, is an Unsustainable Form of Existence Within a Population of Free Creators!

More profit, is an unsustainable form of existence within a population of Free Creators! In order for our version of man to sustain their existence, as a self-aware entity, they must surround and envelope a mass of creators willing to give … Continue reading

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Fifty Gay Men Dead

Fifty gay men dead. Twenty grade school children massacred. Three thousand plus, back in 2001 and we still cannot see what is going on. Our creations are out of control. Our version of Man, wants a one world government and … Continue reading

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