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I Hold Seven Visions Above all the Rest

The New Game While my mind and body was at rest, I went on a journey. I cannot state who I was with, but was with another life form. We were flying high above a planet and speaking together. He … Continue reading

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The Upside Down Cross

Created by Man! Not Alive Unto Ourselves! Slaves to Man! Have you ever looked upon this planet and asked yourself; “why would God do this”? The answer is simple; <GOD> would not do this! Turn everything we have been given … Continue reading

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I Am So Wrong, I May Not Be Able To Be Rectified!

“I AM” so wrong, “I” may not be able to be rectified! The first step “I” took; “I” took as alive, but “I” was wrong! The second step “I” took; “I” took as Man, but again “I” was wrong! “I” mirrored … Continue reading

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GOD, Am “i” a Piece of Food?

<GOD> baby “i” could just cry. <YOU> would probably just call it leaking, but “we” call it crying. “i” have been on for nearly 53 frames of time and … Source: GOD, Am I a Piece of Food?

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It is only 4:30 AM

I had another really strong and powerful feeling dream; like I was there, really there. It had to do with coming home to a family home. I had no expectations of seeing my father, but my mother was supposed to … Continue reading

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F… the polls F… the programming F… the media F… hillary and bill clinton F… obama F… trump F… the splinter cells of our government, which have evolved into terrorists F… the powerful bodies dictating protocol F… the pedophiles and child … Continue reading

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“I” Have To Go Through Someone Else’s House

“I” have to go through someone else’s house in order to get to my own. “I” cannot go around, tunnel beneath or fly above. “I” must go right through the house of another. There is no other way, because “WE” are already … Continue reading

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