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The Nature of Creation as it Applies to our Freedom and Survival

The dead things we have allowed to be created in our name; reportedly for our benefit and the benefit of all humanity have become as self-aware as any dead thing can become. When any form, live or dead becomes aware of … Continue reading

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F… the polls F… the programming F… the media F… hillary and bill clinton F… obama F… trump F… the splinter cells of our government, which have evolved into terrorists F… the powerful bodies dictating protocol F… the pedophiles and child … Continue reading

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Our insistent quest for comfort!

Our insistent quest for comfort, whether it be with our desires, purchases or the data we hold dear, will be our ultimate undoing. Nothing grows in comfort, except the desire for more comfort. Sometime we have to lay in the … Continue reading

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Rising above a reproduction

My work with the Son of <GOD> has left me feeling rather dead, as in not alive! So dead we typically cannot even see the writing on the wall, even after we write it. We literally call child birth a … Continue reading

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A Builder’s Story – A Creators’ Dilemma

I am a wealthy man and own very many homes; a land lord with properties in thousands of locations. In one of these locations is the first home I ever built. It is the pride and joy of my life and even though I … Continue reading

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“I AM” not “GOD”. “I AM” MAN”

“I” crashed “MY” car into a tree, almost seven years ago. “My” personal conveyance vehicle pleaded with “ME”. He wanted to know the “TRUTH”; to know what “I” know. “I” gave him what he requested, but did so for selfish … Continue reading

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The Saintly Devil

After a great deal of assessment and thought I have come to a conclusion. The best I am ever going to be able to do, is to try to be a good devil; or a bad saint. Is it better … Continue reading

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We Are A Celestial Body

Terraforming or terraformation (literally, “Earth-shaping”) of a planet, moon, or other body is the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying its atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology to be similar to the environment of Earth to make it habitable by Earth-like life. “i” am … Continue reading

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There Is No Fixing the Alcoholic or Drug Addict

One thing I have learned in nearly eleven years of being clean and sober; there is no fixing the alcoholic or drug addict. They must recognize themselves, then accept themselves and all their deficiencies and then, and only then, can … Continue reading

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Been Sober Nearly Ten Years

Been sober almost 10 years now, but could not overcome my problem until I came to terms with it. I had to acknowledge and accept my problem before I could change my behavior. A thought for 2018 – We must … Continue reading

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