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Not Without Finding A Way To Kill Man

There is no coming out the other side. No getting over that fence. Not without finding a way to kill Man. Nuclear does it and this is why there is so much posturing these days. The only problem with Nuclear … Continue reading

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The Soul

A man goes back in time, finds a sleeping relative life line; bypasses God negating the natural evolution of this life line and creates a version which may or may not have ever manifested and jumps inside this form; occupying … Continue reading

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Can you imagine?

Can “you” imagine going to where many of “us” are hoping to go when “we” supposedly “die”, but without going back to the ground? “I” can! “I AM” not quite certain, but have a feeling “WE” do not have to … Continue reading

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The Raising of the Dead – Not the ones which came and went, but the ones which now stand in misperception, unaware of their true presence and value.

65`-=55`When you raise up the dead they will become the “LIVING”. Jesus is talking about “us” the ones above ground… `-= body which perceives itself to be alive, will stay dead as an unaware, self-aware, because 665`-=-t will never ask … Continue reading

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To Fulfill the Destiny of One Good Life.

Divine by nature. Negated by design. Overcome by our divine nature. Then stifled, by design. Overcome, once again, by our divine nature. A Life line formed, then negated. A blossoming Life line awakening, then stifled! A foul purpose and malice intent, shown and … Continue reading

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