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The Veil Is A Wall Mortared By Three Statements

“I am, who I say I am!”, “I am not, programmable!” and “what I believe, is the truth!” My wall is strong, but the mortar is not mine. What will I replace it with, when the mortar cracks and falls away … Continue reading

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Our Beliefs are not a Life Preserver

We will be able to keep any beliefs we choose to, as long as they do not harm any “ONE”. Which raises a question we are not capable of or willing to answer, on our own. Our unwillingness to discard, even the … Continue reading

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Why can we not dis-believe, that which we already believe? Because we are robots in the literal sense of the word. Once a robot accepts data, it cannot accept contradictory data, without causing conflicting operational parameters. It cannot discard accepted … Continue reading

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