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In This Realm – Evolve; and all “LIFE” will eventually create! Create; and all things will eventually evolve!

Eventually, all things will evolve, sparking new “LIFE”. This “LIFE” will eventually, create new things, and those that were dead, will eventually become new “LIFE” The question has always been; can every “ONE” and every thing get along? When “CHRIST” … Continue reading

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If I Had Seven Billion Robots At My Disposal, What Would I Use Them For?

Well, if they were all equipped with the most up to date learning computers and I let them loose within me, I could literally reconcile my existence. I could calculate who I am from the inside out, if I were … Continue reading

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Why? Because Robot’s Do Not Need Truth To Function!

All it needs is a storyline or a flow of data, which it receives constantly. What it does not receive is the truth, but this is not something it needs to be given, because our main purpose is to process … Continue reading

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A “Life” Line, Dictating Protocol, but it is not “MY” LIFE”!

Ever since “I” was seven or eight years old, “I” have been saying to “MYSELF”; “are “You” f…n kidding “ME”? “I” have to deal with this for how long? Get the f… out of here! “MY” programming tell’s me to … Continue reading

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The Generations of Life and the Paths Thereof

Reformed from a dormant sleeping “LIFE” line. Instilled with the “Lives” of a later generation of “Man”. The “LIFE” which constitutes our form is a sleeping “GOD”; a “GOD” in “HIS” seventh day of rest. The “Life” which dwells within, … Continue reading

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A Builder’s Story; A Creators’ Dilemma

I am a wealthy man and own very many homes; a land lord with properties in thousands of locations. In one of these locations is the first home I ever built. It is the pride and joy of my life and even though I … Continue reading

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The True Awakening

The true awakening is not the mind and body becoming more spiritual. It is the mind and body becoming aware; that it, is not spiritual!

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