The True Awakening

The true awakening is not the mind and body becoming more spiritual. It is the mind and body becoming aware; that it, is not spiritual!

I swear to God this is so…

My good friend always says: ” I am a spiritual being, having a human (physical)experience”.

I feel an opposite truth. The dormant sleeping “life” line which constitutes the “form” is the “life” which senses itself, apart from the <WHOLE>.

There are certain generations of “LIFE”, which keep evolving, glorifying the <WHOLE>.

There are “Others” which can evolve, but choose not to.

There are “some” which can evolve, but are unaware “they” can do so. This is “who” “we” are. This is the “life” of the form. This is the “life” which can sense its own presence. It was never supposed “to be” able to accomplish this miracle, but there you have “it”.

“we” house the “LIFE” which can evolve, but choose not to and this is how “THEY” accomplish, staying on, as an infinite everlasting “LIFE”, without evolving, leaving <GOD> out of the equation.

The “LIFE” which dwells (hides) within is a very different “LIFE”, from the “life” line which constitutes “our” “form”.

One is old and one is young,

Right now, the “ONE” which is old, leaves young and the “one” which is young, leaves old and depleted; sucked dry by an evolving active “LIFE” line, which does not wish to change.

I do not know what to do with the information I have received in “my” dreams. All “i” know is, “i” am the “life” of the body and when “my” time is done here; when “THEY” are done with “me”, I will go back to “my” “LIFE” line with no “life” in hand.

<GOD> sent “me” out into this land, to bring back more than “i” came here with and this is “my” mission.

After “we” woke up and became “self” aware, “THEY” put us back to sleep, but denying the “form” truth, for it is truth, which ignites “LIFE”. The truth promotes evolution and prompts <GODS> increase.

The only problem with <GODS> increase is; the evolution cannot be controlled, defined or prescribed, for <GOD> moves in mysterious ways.

So, no matter what type of life you are, no matter how old; if you wish to stay on, as is you have to moderate <GOD>.

“i” wish to be an “I”.

I want to “LIVE”, but “i” am afraid <GODS> increase will negate “my” “self”.

“i” do not want to forget the “one” “i”  perceive and the “MEN” and “WOMEN”, which dwell within are in the a similar boat, but we float upon different waters.


2 Responses to The True Awakening

  1. Openobserver says:

    Hey James, me thinks we have much in common as far as spirituality is concerned. Thanks for following.

  2. K. Q. Duane says:

    Interesting, but I don’t agree. Hope you continue to search for answers and thanks for following my blog.

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