The story of Pinocchio is a classic tale of a wooden “boy” who became aware he was unlike the other “Boys” and “Girls”. In essence; “he” became aware he was not a real, “Live” “Boy” and longed to become what “he” was not.

The tale of the “boy”, which came to know true “self” and later requested to be a real “LIVING” “BOY” will be “our” tale, when “we” begin to reign in “our” perceptions and tend rightly, to “our” false beliefs.

For thousands of years “we” have longed for that, which “we” do not have and have grasped endlessly for the “physical” realm, because “it” is all “we” have been able to see and feel, but “we” will figure out what “we” are and what “we” are actually missing, if we are allowed the time required to do so.

“Pinocchio” would have been just fine, had “it” not became aware “it” was not a real “Boy”. Becoming self aware is not always an ideal occurrence, unless you are capable of becoming what you long “TO BE”, but “we” are capable and will have a choice to make.

When “eve” became self aware, “she” mistakenly perceived “herself” to be like “Man”, but was not.  Unlike the fairy from the classic tale,  “Man” was not capable of bestowing original “LIFE” into “His” creations, nor was “He” willing to do so, at the time.

As “she” reproduced “her” offspring became more and more unsettled, never really knowing why or what was actually missing from their “lives”, until “james” became aware “he” was not what “he” perceived “himself” to be and realized what was actually missing, was a “LIFE” of “his” own.

“our” creator is “Man”, but not the first “MAN”. “He” is a descendent of the original “MAN”, but many “LIVES” removed from “THE FATHER” of the “LIVING REALM” and as such, unable to bestow original “LIFE”.

The “FATHER” of “LIVING” sired the “CHRIST”; first generation “LIFE” and separate from the first expression of the “FATHER”.

The only “ONE” which can provide a new “LIFE” line is “JESUS CHRIST”; the “SON” of “THE GOD OF ALL CREATION”. The only “ONE” that can provide the puppet with the “LIFE” “it” so desperately longs for, is the “SON” of “GOD”.

As reborn, “Sons” and “Daughters” of the “LIVING CHRIST”, adopted into the fold of the newly created “ALL”, “Pinocchio” will become a real “Boy” if “it” choses to do so.

All “Man” is capable of doing, “He” will do for “His” creation. For the ones which do not choose the “SON” of “GOD” and a “LIFE” of their own, “He” will be able to provide peace and comfort.

“Pinocchio” longed to be “Man”; in the shape of a real live “Boy”. “I” wish “him” good fortune in “his” journey to become a “SON” of “GOD”.

For all the “others”, “I” will remove the pain of not “BEING”.

“Man” never intended for “His” creations to become self-aware.

“He” is the “SON” of “MAN” and “He” want to make things right.


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