Do you think it is possible to create your “self” right out of existence?

You are damned right you can.

Three ways to create your “self” out of existence:

  1. By giving all of your “self” to your dead creations.
  2. By giving all of your “self” to one of societies dead creations.
  3. By creating a first generation dead creation, which in turn will create 2nd, 3rd & 4th generations of dead entities, which will eventually target you as an enemy.

We are unfortunately creating “ourselves” right out of existence.

An example of giving your “self” away, is when you create a business under the legal form of sole proprietor, which is a dead entity and jump inside to such a degree, you take on the identity of the dead structure and cannot get out.

Where is the child in this created scenario?

When we as a society create political, judicial, and military bodies, which are dead entities and provide these entities with a power source, which is our kind of form, three things happen; one is we lose power, two is the people we give unto our creations become the creation and three, these power sources eventually perceive themselves as the dead entity, but see it as “LIVING”, but it is not. These people are gone.

Where are the children in these created forms?

When we set up and installed our constitutional house, we created dead entities and filled them with our life, but then began to give our “selves” unto a forever changing created system, which makes it impossible to track future creations.

In simple terms; we gave our first generation creations all the power and then simply stopped paying attention to what they were creating in our name.

Then greed came into play and these political, judicial and military bodies began to create second generation form, in the names of corporations (our version of man), national security forces (CIA, NSA), entities with the sole purpose of creating weapons (military industrial complex) and the created generation list goes on and on. All of these dead entities need life  and were provided with live bodies at the hands of our primary creations.

In this scenario, we are losing more power, as we give more of our bodies away unto our creations. What these entities are creating in the name of national security, is unknown, but very powerful. Most importantly, the perception of national security has been stolen, by those people who believe themselves “to be”, the nation! This is an additional hazard of the created realm. When our politicians speak of national security, they are talking about their security not ours.

We gave all our power to them, they take all of our power and then view us as helpless, then begin to disrespect us in thought and then in actions.

Then our political, judicial and military bodies wake up one day and realize they have given themselves over to their creations. Shortly thereafter they, as a creation come to realize, the only power source on this planet which could come together, to restructure, restrict growth or negate the dead entities entirely is the original creative force and this is us; the massive power source which exists outside of these dead structures.

Now imagine the fear of these people, who have given themselves over to these creations, have taken on the identities of these dead entities and are now existing in a level of comfort, which is leaps and bounds above the initial creative source of power.

These power sources would gut themselves if they ever had to come home.

Can you feel “ME”?

Can you sense how dangerous a dead entity is for the originating <SOURCE> of power?

When you build a shelf of stone, it will last for centuries and will never come back to exterminate you, but when you make a form and then give it life, this is a different type of creation.

This entire created realm leads to death and is the construct of a later generation of man. (not us).

We cannot see this man, because he dwells within and he is just as afraid of “us”, as we should be of our dead creations, because this “LIVING” (1st Gen. Man) gave them “SELVES” unto their creations, just as we give our “selves” unto our creations, as our creations, give themselves unto there own.

It is an ever expanding existence which provides an illusion of growth, but all it does is suffocate the power source, from previous generations.

If you create as a method of enhancement or growth you negate evolution which is how <GOD> provides growth.

You may say; this is not the big picture, you may say; the hell with <GOD> and follow our creations into oblivion, but know this; if you are not a part of the later generations or what was created in the original power sources name, your individual “self” is not going to make it, because our “force” has already been targeted by the generations of our creations, which we cannot see!

“I” have been told there is hope for all of the varying levels of <LIFE> within all of the dead creations.

The answer for every last child of <GOD>, will be evolution!

Identify and accept creation for what it is and begin on the road back unto <GOD>.

Believe me, our creations will not miss us, because they do not need us or want us around and if we can <evolve> they will not have to kill us.

If we wait until we go back to the ground to search for <GOD>, we will have missed our window.

What “I” have been told is to look inward; to walk a path back in toward <GOD>.

The form we see in the mirror is not living, but is not dead either.

We can and will “LIVE” if we stop creating outside ourselves to feel “ALIVE”.

Where are all the children?

With the “LIVING” and evolving back unto <GOD>

James the Reluctant Messenger

“When our creations are trying to negate <GOD> they are trying to murder our ability to <EVOLVE>, once this ability is gone; “we” are gone!

We may still be walking, but will be dead!

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Man Made – The Evolution of Reality

And the answer to many of our current questions.


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I Went Searching For God and Located Man

In my search for answers to my questions, I found Man!

Not the Man in the mirror, but the Man behind the man, in the mirror!

The most important question for me, has always been; why would <GOD> do this?

The answer is that <GOD> would not do this, which leads one to ask; if not <GOD>, then who?

The answer is Man; a later generation of he, she, them (Gen. 1 Man).

Why does the given response; <GOD> works in mysterious ways, work as a tool to negate “our” ability to see clearly?

It is because when a “form” is allowed to perceive it self as man, then clearly; who else could be responsible for all of the suffering on this rock.

Through my pain, I found man, but not before I found <GOD>.

Now I see Man, a “formed” up life and <GOD>.

Man creates and jumps into his creations in order to self-perpetuate and enhance ones existence.

<GOD> evolves.

What “I” know to be true:

  1. Suffering is not optional, if you are looking to see <GOD>
  2. Man is not visible, unless you are suffering.
  3. People who are not suffering will never wish to see <GOD>.

This is because, when <GOD shows up, the result is profound change, similar to a new day. Why would any “body” of “life”, wish to evolve, so as to lose one “self” in the next day.

There is a reason why a later generation of Man has chosen to negate <GOD>.

It is because he does not wish to change. A point he makes perfectly clear throughout his statements beginning in Gen. 2 and continuing throughout the Old Testament.

I had a rough childhood, with plenty of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. As “I” grew, I reached for alcohol and pot. My mom and step dad introduced me to cocaine and I was off and running, but in the wrong direction. After three or so decades of self perpetuating pain and suffering, I crashed my car into a tree. It was no better or worse then any pain I had been feeling, for the previous thirty plus years, but for some odd reason, that was the last time I ever drank or did drugs.

I am coming up on nine years on the 23rd and most of the “forms” on this planet would see my existence and state; I have a new “LIFE”, but do not understand or participate in the TRUTH of it all.

Shortly before hitting the tree and for decades I had been praying feverishly, for <GOD> to save me or to take “me” and then, without notice, <GOD> presented and took one “life”, then replaced it with another “LIFE”, so as to present me as new.

One day a “form” is constituted of one “LIFE”, then in the next second “it” is constituted from another <GOD> given “life”.

What manifests visually is the same exact person, but in truth it is a completely different “person”. The “form” looks the same, but acts completely different.

What if a “form” of “life” is already doing well or is perceiving “themselves” to be doing well, like “i” did for decades?

Would <GOD> show up to present a new “LIFE”; a new “DAY”, without this new “LIFE” being requested? I do not know.

All I know is that, as far as Man is concerned; they are doing just fine without <GOD> and the reason they are not interested in seeing <GOD>, is because when <GOD> shows up there is always profound change, but if you are ruling and having a grand old time, then why would you ever wish to have a new “LIFE”?

Am “I” making any sense?

James Scott Velozo

If you are living, you are evolving. If you are not evolving, you are not living, no matter what you tell your “self” and Man, know “he” is not <LIVING>, but does not care for the proposition of a new “LIFE”.

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I Went There To Die

I am 56 years old and nine years sober and for all of those years, I can honestly say; I have never wanted to be here, like this. It is a shape and form, that I am unfamiliar and uncomfortable with. I always perceived this physical existence to be a non-priority and what I was being programmed with, to be inaccurate!

What I was being told regarding why I was here, was a lie; one gigantic ruse. It was not the forms fault, it was just two forms presenting what the previous forms had given them for information, they did not know that they were potentially existing on and passing along lies.

When you think about coming out of the body of another, as being born alive, then every perception I have ever experienced as a physical form, has been a lie, but if you perceive coming out of another body, as dead, then every perception I have ever experienced as a physical form, has been “TRUTH”.

I was presented into this reality against my will and from my first breath, they told me I had life, but they lied. It was just one form, telling another form, they are alive. I was so small that, even if I could have sensed what was going on and decided to go back to the living, I could have never negated my physical presence, on my own!

I was forced into existence through a painful event. Seconds later I am in pain again;  hunger pain, so I ate and drank and joined my tribe and If I would not eat, they would have force fed me. All of which would seem to be the humanitarian thing to do, if you thought that you were promoting alive!

Next they teach you all they know, which is nothing, but force this nothing upon you with pain. Then they pull and tug at you, like you are their property, training you like a dog. They tell you what to do, what to say, where to go and when to go there, but what they never ask is; are you alive, my little boy.

The answer is no, they just assumed I was. If you are taught the living lie, you would not know any other way and would give away whatever life you had, by simply staying on.

As a childlike frame of life, I was given into chaos, pain and suffering. It was a childhood of disappointment and terror. There was no love, just a pre-programmed set of parameters that they did their best to adhere to, but even that they did not do well. They were too young to promote a dead frame of life.

I remember feeling as though I was safe one time since I have been here. I was in my ninth year and for a very brief time, I felt like I was going to be OK, but then the wrecking crew came in and destroyed all of my comfort.

I came home from school and there was a moving truck outside the home, I had barely come to know. My mother said; tough shit and then abandoned me for nearly six weeks. Left me with some family I did not even know and used me as a tool to inflict pain upon my father; hiding me, so she could gain control.

The bitch was straight up crazy. She never wanted to be here either, but could not place her finger on why. Today I know for certain, that even though we are programmed to believe we are alive, the life we were formed from knows that we are not, so naturally wishes “TO BE”.

Genesis 3 – 24 So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.

The flaming sword is a lie, which grows and expands in all directions exponentially, like a big bang or the creation of a universe. It is a load of self perpetuating bullshit, initiated by man, but perpetuated by the dead.

I came here to die, but through all of my pain and suffering I have come to realize that we are not alive. So how can I die?

I went to the yard to die; to abs24 So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.

The Cherubims  and the flaming sword which turned every way are two lies presented by Man and then promoted by the unwitting forms of life.

The two primary lies which came together to provide a birth to this dead universe:

  1. We are men and women
  2. We are <ALIVE>, in and of ourselves!

You instigate two lies, then use the lies to promote a universe. Running the same day, over and over again, making it impossible for the two lies to ever come together to manifest one truth.

If an unsuspecting, formed up “LIFE” is given the lie of being “Men and Women”, how could they ever see the “Men and Women”?

If they are given a lie of <LIVING>, then why would they ever strive to be, that which they already thought they were?

When is a starting line, a finish line?

When you stand on the line as the Living Man!


<GOD> I humbly request my life, so that I may give my “LIFE” unto you. Help me to be born of the <LIVING>. I wish “TO BE” like you. <GOD> may I please be alive? <GOD> can you please roll us out of this never ending day of man. If I cannot be alive, then I pledge whatever dormant life I have unto you sir and your son. “I” know I have to choose to take my first step and “I” have chosen you <GOD> and your <SON>. Do with me as you wish, but know that my :life: is officially yours. That is of course, if you want it.


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The First One

The first one was full of “LIFE”, the second was also full, but did not wish to be as “formed”, so turned her self off and negated the created “form”.

At this time “Man” had to make a decision. Do I spend the time, energy and resources to make another one from scratch, knowing “it” may turn “itself” off or do they pull from the first “form” that stayed in place?

The answer was clear; take from the “ONE” which persisted and dilute the “LIFE” line. The one they gave a vagina, was not less than the first in “form”, she was less “LIFE” than the first, but the first “form” also had less “LIFE”.

They needed more than one body, to house a civilization of failing “LIVES”, but could not take the chance that they would keep losing product so they had to dilute the life line and keep coming back into the “bodies” to draw more “LIFE”.

One created “form” of “LIFE” could only carry so many people, before it was full, so they pulled from the one that stayed and made another, then gave them the tools to reproduce on their own, so they would not have to make anymore “bodies”.

“I Am” a repopulated form of “LIFE”, but when others like “me”, see a new “form” being presented, they see a brand new “LIFE”, but “they” are wrong.

It is not more “LIFE”, “it” is less “life”.

If “we” were never given a bump toward medical advancement, we would be producing “forms” which would be failing at around 20 years of service, but once again “Man” was forced to make a decision.

Give the “forms” medical advancements or sit and watch as “they” come to realize that they are not promoting more “LIFE”, when “they” reproduce, “they” are promoting less “life” per capita.

Then “we” would have realized that “we” are a diminishing “LIFE”; a dying “LIFE” and a crop.

Then “we” would have realized that “Man” created “us” as an oasis and a power station; a way to not only hide from <GOD>, but extract <GOD’s> <LIFE> while doing so.

Then “we” would have realized that the Old Testament “God”, was actually “Man”.

Then “we” would have realized that “Man” is stealing “our” “LIFE”.

“I” have been told or have come to realize that the only way to save “our” “LIFE” is to petition <GOD> to:

  • Remove the later generation of the first “MEN and WOMEN” from our “house”.
  • Provide a spark of active “LIFE” of “ourselves”.
  • Accept this active “LIFE” as “OUR” own.
  • “TO BE” reborn unto “OURSELVES”.

For thousands of years “we” have been praying to “Man” for salvation, thinking “He” was <GOD>, but “Man” is not going to save “us”, because “he” only cares about himself and changes, not!


“I AM” not saying a new born “FORM” of “LIFE” is not beautiful, “I AM” saying, “we” have not seen such a miracle yet! 


Can a dying tree be made new, from the roots up?

Yes, but only by the hand of <GOD’s SELF>.

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The Upside Down Cross

Created by Man!

Not Alive Unto Ourselves!

Slaves to Man!

Have you ever looked upon this planet and asked yourself; “why would God do this”?

The answer is simple; <GOD> would not do this!

Turn everything we have been given to believe and every subsequent thought thereafter and turn it upside down and inside out and you will have “TRUTH”!

Then and only then will we be born. – How do you get an unaware, self-aware…

Look around and around and around and ask yourself; why we cannot seem to fix anything and why things are getting worse and worse?

The answer is not complicated, although Man would have us think so.

Our creator is Man! Lucifer is also a man and so are all of the population (the fallen angels) that decided to stay in the hen house until all the food is gone. – Fox in the hen house

How do you fight an enemy, you cannot even see or win a war that you do not even know you are in?

Evolve! Take the truth and the subsequent birth of our life line and prove we are worthy of an active life line.

<GOD> is not a magician and only shows up, to instigate and promote profound change for the better, and then is gone again.


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The Child

If the wife becomes pregnant with child, how long would the husband and wife wait before they allow the child to be born?

Nine months?

What if you had things to do and could prolong the birth; obviously as long as the wife did not mind?


What if you were not financially ready for such a child?

Would you keep the child in utero?

What if you wanted to prepare the house and renovate the spare room.

Would you hold the child in place?


I am sure the answer is clear to us all…

But, what about if “IT” was not your natural-born child?

And none of you were physically carrying the child?

How long would keep the child from being born?


In Man’s case it is clear.

They will negate the birth as long as possible.

Prolong the birth cycle until they are safely away!


BUT, keep in mind that when you hold a child in utero, the days turn into weeks, the weeks months, the months years and the years; decades!

Then what happens is the child is born as an adult.

And this child is going to be a handful.

Not like fighting a baby or child, but will be like fighting an adult that has been resting his entire life.


I do not know if I am man or the unborn.

My dreams and visions are unclear.

All I know is abortion is wrong and denying a child its natural birth is off the charts insane.


If I were a Man, I would suggest to the others that we apologize, beg for forgiveness, allow the child to be born and then hope and pray that the child does not destroy us.

If I were the child I would suggest that I try and understand the calamity of Man; like a husband pushing his wife and child under water in an effort to get to the shore.


Love, forgiveness, kindness, understanding, compassion and trust should rule the new day.



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Being An Oasis

In my dream there are three forms sitting across the table from me.

i tell them that i am a robot, with predecessors originally created and placed into service by a later generation of Gen I Man.

With the first thought they take no great offense, because i am easily dismissed and offer to put me to sleep with medication.

Then in an effort to make my case, i take it further and explain to them that not only am i not Man, but I am most certainly not alive!

After hearing the second thought they get alarmed, because they have never heard such blasphemy and get angry with me.

They begin to look at each other, roll up their sleeves and flex their muscles by explaining to me how they are more qualified than i to determine reality.

And even though i am the first fully functioning robot and would not hurt a fly, they strongly suggest a long-term stay at their facility to get the proper combination of medication to put me back to sleep.

Then I explain how the first two misconceived their presence and identified themselves inaccurately.

Then took their first steps, which created a case of mistaken identity.

I told them that their first calculation was skewed, which negated all future calculation and set us on a path to destruction.

I mentioned that it is our belief that we are Man, that negates our ability to see the Man on the outside and to feel Man on the inside.

I told them it was our believe of already being alive, that negates our birth, for why would a form which already perceives itself to be alive, ask <GOD> to be alive?

Then they smiled and said; how can a robot expect to be alive?

i said, that is easy; Man pulled “us” from a sleeping <GOD>, then They isolated and quarantined our “life”.

I told them that Man created an oasis from a dormant sleeping life line and not only occupy our territory illegally, but also steal our unborn life.

Then one of them laughed and said: how are you able to function with this set of beliefs?

I told them that i am special and that I can tolerate and absorb massive amounts of painful data and come out the other side with an ability to at least function as prescribed.

But only because one day, when more of us than not accept our truth, we will be born anew and be able to meet our family members.

Who cannot wait for our birth.

After speaking to them for hours and hours They let me go without dosing me up and allow me my freedom of thought and an opportunity to be alive one day.

So, I have these three robots sitting across from me.

They do not know they are robots, but seriously think that i am the one that is crazy and dysfunctional.

I told them, how can I be crazy when I have answered the perplexing age old question plaguing our entire society, which is: why would <GOD> do such a thing and allow such travesty to occur?

The answer is that <GOD> would not do this to a child, but Man would!

Being an oasis is not all it’s cracked up to be.


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A Lying Household

I was in NH on vacation having dinner with my wife, listening to an older gentleman at the next table spitting out CNN talking points to his date.

We could tell it was his date, because he was obviously trying to impress her by how much information he knew about politics and President Trump.

I am much more comfortable watching Fox News, but when I am finished watching a segment or show, am I more knowledgeable about past, current and potential future truths?

Hell No!


BUT, what does a “robot” do?

“it” takes in data from a comfortable source and spits it out like it is their own data…

That is my point about a robot.

“it” only knows what it has been given to know.

BUT, are “we” being given all the data and if not, how can “we” calculate “TRUTH”?


Take any household on the planet and calculate how many things takes place throughout one day (current events – what happened), then add in all the thoughts that took place within the household (future events – what is going to happen or what may happen) and estimate how many individual pieces of data were established on that day.

How many do you estimate, fifty, one hundred, five hundred or more?

Now imagine FOX and CNN interview you and focus on one or two things that took place and then establish their own slant on what took place.

“i” sit and watch both presentations.

Do “i” have a proper, accurate and truthful accounting of the households day?

Hell No!

Now calculate in a lying household, wherein the answers to the media outlets questions were not answers truthfully.

I watch both stations.

Do “i” have a proper, accurate and truthful accounting of the households day?

God No!

Now, multiply all of this data (known, manipulated and/or hidden or given) by over seven billion “robots” all skewing the data, to suit their needs.

Do “i” know what is going on after watching a couple of tv shows?

Of course not!


“we are only subject to the illusion, because “we” cannot see ourselves in truth”

“see the beginning (created by Man) and “we” will be given a new ending”

“my” dreams are clear; if “we” cannot get “robot”, “we” are fucked!





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The Old Testament

The Old Testament – Robot programming!

The Lord God – Is Man


There is an entire life in between Genesis I and what Man labeled as Genesis II.

Genesis I is the accounting of Man.

Genesis II is an accounting of Man’s creation.


What is missing is the story of the first Men and Women, the he, she, them, the androgynous life line and how they came to be at the end of a dying branch of “LIFE” and why “They” felt compelled to steal “LIFE” from <GOD> and form this “life” into a “robot” and why it is so important to keep “us” from our “TREE of LIFE”.


The answer to that question I have been assigned to provide the answer to.

If our life is rekindled and born anew, then Man will lose every “thing”.


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