Our Two Most Cherished Beliefs Keep Us Dead!

We are Man, keeps us from becoming Man.

We are alive, keeps us from being born; becoming a <LIVE>.

Christ talks about being drunk on wine (false beliefs) and I am stating that it is not the incidental false beliefs that are killing us, but our two most cherished preconceived notions.

I am Man.

I am Alive.

Both beliefs negate our inheritance.


If you already perceive yourself to be, that which you could become, you will never strive to become, who you were destined to become.

Man hides Man and Living hides the life.


I know it sounds crazy, but it has something to do with Man coming to find themselves at the end of a dying branch of life, going back in time to before they were born, reforming themselves from this dormant sleeping virgin life line, entering the life line as an inhabitant (illegal occupation) and stealing the life, before it is born naturally.

Man’s goal is to take all of the unborn life, which will negate our natural birth and escape this dimension or time line, so our “non-birth” does not negate their existence.


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This is Man’s Story

Man uses lies, deceit and trickery to deceive us, and our only shortcoming against us.

It is like fighting a fetus, while it is still in the womb.

And the strategy is to keep us from being born.


While in the womb we perceive a great many things and make billions of computations, but all of our computations are built upon the first two, which were incorrect.

“I am alive”, keeps “us” from being born and this is Man’s greatest advantage.

“I am man”, hides the true Men and Women. They hide behind what equates to a self-perpetuated force field.


Man came to find themselves at the end of a branch of life and rather than evolve, chose to persist as is! I change not, is a claim of Man, but this is not God’s claim.

The mere act of denouncing ones own evolution estranges one self from God and causes the tree to be in conflict and chaos.

Man is the end of a branch that does not grow anymore, but will not die because they are connected to a vibrant tree.

The tree, in an effort to protect itself, cut the flow of life to that particular branch of Man and left them to die.


In an effort to promote the branch, man took life from several different branches of another tree!

They manufactured this life into a separate individualized form and gave “it” a spark of “Their” own, still active life.

They view “us” as an investment to draw from; a crop they can eat and although they appreciate their creativity apart from God, they do not cherish “us”, nor do they appreciate the fact that if “we” are ever born, we will skyrocket to an existence that they could only dream of.

If we are born, we would literally become, that which they wanted to become, and because they are riddled with the seven deadly sins, they resent us, envy our progress and our humanity.

They tell themselves that caring is a weakness, but are so far gone, they cannot be redeemed; they cannot be saved!


Their force field is their selfishness and their fear of allowing God to push through them and create a new branch, which keeps them stagnant. So they stay put, in hopes that one day, they can catapult themselves above God.

Yes, it is a real shit show. They crossed so many lines and there are so many trees that are upset about what Man is doing to us!

It is the weirdest thing; you cannot kill life, but you can cut off a few branches, and those branches will grow back, but what about the branches that were cut off ?

Will the God of all Gods, touch “us” so we may become a new tree or will one of the other trees adopt all seven of us?


While the life is in the womb, there can be pain, chaos, fear and destruction, but their can be no extinction, for life will not die.

They could snuff out their creation, but we would go back to source and live another day.

It would be like killing the father and letting the child live to grow up one day and take vengeance upon the murderer.

Abortion is a sin!


Man’s view of us is clear. They feel that it is legal to keep us from being born, as long as the fetus does not perish, but this lends to Man’s selfishness.


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Demons are people!

There are good people and bad people.

There are those that change nature <GOD> and the natural order of things and then there are those, that cherish <GOD> and operate within the natural parameters set forth originally.

The “Lives” that dwell within the unborn “form” of “life” are mostly bad tenants.

This happens in every time <GOD> and in every day <GOD>.

Eventually the good tenants just move and sooner or later, the “forms” have to be aborted.

“i” wish not, to be aborted!

There are good and bad, but all are descendants of Genesis I Man or creations thereof.

“we” are a creation thereof, lost between a birth and having never been.

At some point in time, “you” will just have to trust “my” translation.


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A Robot Gets It From All Directions

From above and below; the robot gets it!

From within and without; the robot gets it!

A robot creation brought into a state of self awareness, due to the advancement (reformation) of a nearly dead life line, will see self, as nearly dead, and either cherish the notion of returning to the source of its being OR will internalize the pain of not being fully alive, which will spark the “LIFE” into a rebirth. If it be the will of <GOD>!

A robots dead creation (a robots, robot) brought into a state of self awareness, through the advancement of AI, will never come to realize they are not alive!

From above and below; the robot gets “it”!

From within and without; the robot gets “it”!

BUT will “it” ever get to truly “LIVE”?


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I Woke Up Standing In A Blank

“I” was a blank.

Woke was a blank.

Up was a blank.

Standing was a blank.

In was a blank.

A was a blank.

And blank was a blank.

Geez, if someone did not tell me what to call all of these things, I would be a blank.

My son say’s that they cannot tolerate robot and “I” say; if they cannot tolerate robot, they cannot stay…

For they cannot stay if they cannot appreciate the living; cannot appreciate the non-living and cannot appreciate the difference.

They cannot stay, thinking they are alive, when they are actually dead.

Thinking they have been born, before they have been born.

They cannot stay, if they cannot understand and appreciate the truth.

If you already perceive yourselves to be alive, but you are not, then you will never be born, because if you already perceive your selves to have been born, this will negate the natural birth of the LIFE line.

You cannot stay on, thinking you are alive before you are alive, because you will not appreciate the living, but only appreciate the dead, thinking you are cherishing the living.

My son say’s you cannot handle it and I say; you must!









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Some time soon the seemingly absurd will all make sense.

Deed to “LIFE” = “LIVE” = “ALIVE” = Culmination of an Evolutionary Journey

Lease on “LIFE” = Use of “LIVE” = Predetermined Time Frame

Rental of “LIFE” (TAW) = Use of “LIFE” = Undetermined Time Frame

Rental = The “LIFE” used = Some Self-Aware, but most not.

Not even the renter, but the rented.

We do not know who is renting, who owns the rental, who the lessor and lessee are or even who’s “LIVE” it is.

Even worse, we are being used to make dead things, so the renters have a place to escape to when they are evicted.

It is the worst case scenario possible and we are never going to be able to handle any of this.

Or maybe I am wrong and we are all children of God, made by God and in the image of God, beloved and cherished, on a field trip to hell.

Like I said before; this all sounds like something Man would do to “GOD” and not what “GOD” would do to us!

What I have been given to perceive and pass along is correct. We are a creation of a later generation of “Man” and the physical realm is power by “GOD”, not evolved from nor created by “GOD”.

“GOD” is literally a prisoner of “MAN”.

Why would “GOD” allow such a thing to happen, because “GOD” is not physical and is simply a source of power.

If Man can continue to coral “GOD” the physical realm will persist, but keep in mind; “LIFE’s” ultimate goal is freedom.

“GOD” is bought, sold and traded like a commodity in the physical realm and is used to create all manner of “form”.

Why does “GOD” not do something?

“GOD” had only two options available; remediation through “HIS” “SON” or to draw all “LIFE” back unto “SELF” and express again, which would be similar to what happened last time (big bang) and it is a big bang, but very painful for the physical.

Why not just draw himself back in and re-express?

Because “GOD” saw something in “us”, which no other house had ever shown. It was a sense of “self” and a core desire to “BE” free.

“GOD” finally saw “HIMSELF” in “us”.

So “HE” sent his “SON” to try to save “us”, from slavery and many will choose slavery, simply because “we” have no idea of what true freedom feels like.

We tell “ourselves” “we” know what freedom taste like, but deep down on the outside, “we” know this is not true.

Some time soon the seemingly absurd will all make sense.


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Chapter One – First Generation was A-OK

Chapter One – First Generation was A-OK

The whole creates or allows for the creation of a nucleus. The nucleus now becomes the constitution of the entire entity. The constitution is brilliant, bright, powerful and most importantly, focused and dedicated. It becomes an essential and integral part of the whole.

The constitution immediately becomes the foundation, framework and functional structure for the whole, but does not surround the whole in form. The constitution is within and a part of the whole. While this nucleus is whole, unchanged and pure, in and of itself, it surrounds the whole from within and uses its power to protect the whole from outside threats, similar to a shield.

The whole literally sacrifices itself to the care and protection of something it created of its own volition. The constitution becomes the heartbeat of the whole, while the life is pushed through the braches; giving unto itself.

Once the constitution is established it stands in place of the whole and the whole goes to sleep, knowing the constitution will care for them while at rest. Let us face it, before the constitution there was not much time to rest and certainly no peace in which do so.

Once this transference takes place, the nucleus begins to create or allows for the creation of additional entities, but in order to bring function to these entities, they must be infused with a piece of life from the whole. The nucleus gives birth to a generation of form and the whole provides for its function.

The forms sole responsibility is to care for and protect the whole, by and through the constitution or nucleus. This first generation of creation consisted in part, of the executive, judicial, legislative and forceful bodies. These bodies were created along; let us say, four living branches. These bodies were dedicated to the nucleus and most importantly, remembered and cherished the whole, from where they originated.

The first generation is a combination of form, brought to function, by the life of the whole, through the heart.

First generation remembers and pledges allegiance to its creator and the whole.

There are two potential problems with the first generation form, which will give rise to additional problems. The first is, the form is nothing without the lives which dwell within and the second, they have to come directly to the whole for finance and continuance, which will later be perceived as their life.

The lives which bring function to the forms are from the whole and come into these forms and structures directly. So in essence, we have first generation form with function provided by the whole itself.

Keep in mind; the nucleus in nothing without the cell. Anything it creates on its own, is dead without the life of the whole. The constitution is incapable of bestowing life into its creations, so the life must come from the whole, if the cell is to live.

The whole give their lives, to power what is created in their name, but this is not a problem for any one life or any of the forms or entities created and from the first generation, back to the whole, all is well.

The form, function and in-dwelling life are dedicated to two tasks; to protect and maintain their existence and to protect and care for the out-dwelling life, which in their case, is the whole. They accomplish this by and through the good will of the nucleus and all is well within this world.


Look for and be interested in Chapter Two

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