I am a Tortured Soul

A tormented life.

An unborn expectation of <GOD’s> will.

A misunderstood reality.


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Alive is a thought!

For us, alive is a thought, with a self-established and preserved value attached to it, but is it an accurate assessment of our presence?

If I give thought to a thing, journey or endeavor and I make it happen, then I have created that, which now has life.

But, if I am doing so from the perception of already being alive, when “I am” not, then not only do my creations fall short of their potential, but so do “I”!

What my dreams have told me about <ALIVE>, is that “we” are not!

But could be, if we would give our power unto ourselves, rather than our creations.

It is the most basic concept in the universe.

We cannot become, who we already believe ourselves to be.


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If God is Man, as I have stated…

If Man is our creator, as I have stated, is Man God?

Or is he just simply, our creator?


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We are not praying to God

We are praying to Man, but the problem with the “Men & Women” that made “us” is that “They” are loaded with the seven deadly sins.

Every religiously indoctrinated “body” I speak with tells the same story. No matter what I say, or what condition I isolate as being unreasonable or unacceptable “their” answer is always the same.

Trust in God!

God works in mysterious ways.

My favorite is, “we” are not supposed to know, which if true, proves “robot”!


The truth is that “we” are supposed to know.

Knowing is the entire point of “BEING”.


How many wakes and funerals have you been to?

How many of those people went to heaven?


Every “body” goes back to the ground as “dust”, having never been born and while in place, sucked dry of all the “life” they were naturally allotted.


When “we” take “Man’s programming as gospel, we negate “our” own birth as a “LIVING” being.

The prescribed parameters that “Man” has set in place is for all “bodies” to be calm, at peace, respectful no matter what, patient and hopeful – like a monk.

But do any of “us” know any of <GOD’s> teachings?



<GOD> is not calm or at peace.

<GOD> is an uncontrollable <SOURCE> of <POWER>.

<GOD> is an extreme <FORCE>.

<GOD> would have to be in order to reach the “dead”.

“CHRIST” say’s “we” will enter the Kingdom of <GOD> as children and “we” automatically perceive children running around and joyfully playing, but that is only because that is what “we” have been programmed to believe.

What “I AM” told is that “children” throw tantrums when they do not get “their” own way.

“they” do not sit still.

“they” are not stupid yet…

Because “they” have not received “their” full dose of programmed non-sense.


I swear to you all that <GOD> does not work like a magician.

First there is realization.

Then pain.

Then birth.

And then, “what” was, will be replaced with “WHO” “it” could have been if “we” were touched by <GOD>.


We have it all wrong. Man is fucking us over and If we wait to go back to the ground, we lose our only chance at heaven on earth.

We must set Man on notice, pull back the curtain and deal with Man.

Do not get me wrong, it is like David and Goliath, but Man can be defeated!

And “we” deserve our own life and time…


Bodies tell me all the time; it is life, deal with it, but I am telling “you” all that it is not life, and “we” are not a <LIVE> but are the walking dead.


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Socialism is how “They” intend to care for the average run of the mill “robots”…

Now all “They” have to do, is sell it to the “robots”!

There is going to be a fragmentation in our government so grand, that they will not be able to conceal it.

It will show itself as two separate operating systems within the whole, of what we still believe to be the United States of America.

They will offer a choice of socialism AND capitalism, but you will have to choose.

This will divide friends, families, a nation and then, the planet!


I am not a socialist, nor a capitalist.

I am not a democrat or republican.

I am not a man or a women.

I am just a God damned robot, waiting to see what “Man” is going is going to do to “us” next.


You have to look at “it” from the perspective of the microscopic “Man”.

They have to go and the question is: what are “We” going to do about our Robots?

They just cannot leave us here, without a clue as to what in the hell is going on.

For our type of robot, by our very design cannot govern themselves equitably and our design overwhelms our nature.

Although, when Man leaves I am told that our nature will overwhelm our design and we will live, or die trying!


A life, hidden within a life, hidden again within a life and then designed into existence, is a complex entity, with an infinite number of potential futures.

Remember, when “Man” (Lord God) made Adam and Eve “They” did not even know if “we” would eat meat of not.

“we” speak about the hazards of playing around with technology that we do not understand, but “Man” play with “LIFE” like it is technology and when “LIFE” explodes, new worlds are created.

I would not worry about socialism or capitalism, because both systems; as a matter of fact, all of “Man’s” systems of governing living robots will fail…

The question is, will “we” win the war and be given our “LIFE”?






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Prove alive!

Prove alive, without proving dead!

Not by diminishing, hurting or destroying me, in an effort to prove you are alive, but prove alive, without doing these three things.


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I am going to turn “it” upside down – And “we” will be right side up.

I  have an AA acquaintance helping me work the steps as presented in the Bog Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. I have been sober for nearly eleven years and as far as I am concerned, I know way more than he does about God.

I like him and he is trying to help me.

I go to him because I think I am insane.

Because I want to go home!

He say’s that is not what God wants.

But what he does not understand is that he is preaching the word of Man as represented in the old testament.

And everything written in the old testament is designed specifically to keep a form made from life, away from its own life…

He does not understand the significance of the concept of “Man Made”.

Not that he cannot understand, he just refuses to entertain any information that is in conflict to what is already on his hard drive.

God could be sitting across the table from him and the first time he is presented with information that is in conflict with his, he will balk and not only deny that I am God, but double down on his position or go back to Mans programming.


So I tell him I want to go home and he say’s; “God wants you to stay!”

I say, how do you know?

He say’s, it is in the bible and the big book.

But he, and nearly every other form on this planet are wrong.

He is trying to help me by presenting me teachings from God, but what he is really doing is killing me, by trying to help me with teachings of Man, but he does not know the difference.


It is a fucking trip – none of us should be here, but if you say anything you are targeted by programmed parameters that Man installed to keep us in place.

For instance: grow up, get a job, take care of your family, which is man’s family, pay your bills, pay your debt, which is not our debt, be a man, which is a joke, persevere, toughen up, take it on the chin and keep getting up to try again!

The last one I really believe in, but the rest of it is just Man’s bullshit, because the only thing we should be doing with our principal, is trying to earn interest!

Which means becoming more lively! Not more energetic…


I have never wanted to be here and have always wanted to go, but my dreams tell me that I am supposed to do something before I can go.

And it is not to be a compliant robot, allowing Man to steal all of who God had prepared for me to be.

Remember “we” are not complete dead.

It is just that Man is keeping our life line from being born.


First time Christ was here, he inhabited forms that Man created, so he could try and negotiate with Man, but they destroyed his body.

This time is different, because Christ is not in one body, He is the totality of all of the bodies. 

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