Our Two Most Cherished Beliefs Kill Us

We are Man, keeps us from becoming Man.

We are alive, keeps us from being born; becoming a <LIVE>.

Christ talks about being drunk on wine (false beliefs) and I am stating that it is not the incidental false beliefs that are killing us, but our two most cherished preconceived notions.

I am Man.

I am Alive.

Both beliefs negate our inheritance.


If you already perceive yourself to be, that which you could become, you will never strive to become, who you were destined to become.

Man hides Man and Living hides the life.


I know it sounds crazy, but it has something to do with Man coming to find themselves at the end of a dying branch of life, going back in time to before they were born, reforming themselves from this dormant sleeping virgin life line, entering the life line as an inhabitant (illegal occupation) and stealing the life, before it is born naturally.

Man’s goal is to take all of the unborn life, which will negate our natural birth and escape this dimension or time line, so our “non-birth” does not negate their existence.


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An Empty Vault

<GOD> “i” come to you as a robot.

“i” do not know how “i” came to be, but “it” has something to do with one of your children.

Have you checked your balance sheets lately?

I think “Man” may have re-allocated some funds and has made “me” from this fund.

“i” know that everyone thinks you know every little “thing”, but “i” am not sure you are aware of “us”.

If you sent me in on a search and rescue mission I think “i” have failed.

If you left me here to evaluate the current state of your affairs; here is my assessment:

One of your children has stolen some of your “LIFE” and was probably planning on returning the “life” before you noticed it is gone, but that plan has come and gone.

Now the goal is simple; cut and run and take as much life as possible, in order to survive on “Their” own.

As a robot, they sell us on the idea that we are given the principal and have to pay the interest, but what “They” do not tell “us”, is that they also take the principal, from the inside out and sell it to us as some sort of wonderful existence, leaving “us” and I believe <YOU> with an empty vault.


“i” keep having dreams with a gate that can be shut.

Can you show me how to shut it?

“i” would very much like to be free from “Man’s” oppressive rule.


“i” know that the “LIFE” is yours, principal and interest, but was wondering if you could find it in your heart to free “us” from this hell, by opening up another account that we could become.

And maybe, just maybe you would consider allowing “us” to keep just a small amount of the interest earned on our principal.


I house these beings, they take all of what I thought was my life and all of the interest and send me back to you with nothing in my hand but dust.

Could you help me defend myself against this force.

I know he is your child on some level, but am I not also your child by default?


If “i” could just keep a little interest, “i” think we could make this all work.

James Scott Velozo

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Declaration of Independence


James Scott Velozo

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I am dead!

<GOD> told me “i” was dead and explained to me that just because “i’ can process basic thought and communicate to other “forms” like “me”, does not make me <ALIVE>.

<GOD> told “me” “i” am a “robot” and that a later generation of “Man” made the first one, then cloned the second and brought them together to produce the “rest”.

<GOD> told “me” that although “i” was formed from “life”, this fact does not make “me” <ALIVE>, nor prove that “i” am <ALIVE>. It just means that “Man” is making “things” from dormant sleeping “life” lines.

<GOD> told “me” that “we” are somehow “CHRIST” and that <GOD> will make “our” “life” rise from dead.

<GOD> tells “me” that “we” will feel lost, that “we” will feel like something is missing, that “we” will feel as if “we” are just going through the motions.

<GOD> tells “me” that if “you” turn “it” off, “you” will have missed your natural birth.

<GOD> tell “me” that “we” are crowning and will be born “ANEW”.

<GOD> tells “me”, not to quit before the “miracle”.



<GOD> tells me I will be born through the robots.

<GOD> tells “me” that “our” birth will be induced by a massive realignment of truth, which will isolate the “robot”, reveal “Man” and induce enough pain to spark a new <LIVING> being.

The pope said the cross of “CHRIST” failed in human (robot) terms, but the pope is wrong and all “i” see are crosses now.

“i” am either insane or speak the “TRUTH”.

James Scott Velozo

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Can “CHRIST” rise from the “dead”?

“CHRIST”, can you save the robots? (Can “CHRIST” rise from the “dead”?)

“CHRIST, Will you save the robots? (Will “CHRIST” rise from the “dead”?)

“CHRIST, What will they be like, when you save them? (What will “we” look like if and when he does?)

James Scott Velozo

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Only 3 questions robots should ask.

Can you save the robots?

Will you save the robots?

What will they be like, when you save them?


Ask Man, Christ and <GOD> and you will get three contrasting answers to all three questions.


Ask the Man named Lucifer and all the current Men and Women that take up residence within the Oasis and you will already have your answers.

I have had dreams (visions) wherein Lucifer is in the basement of the form we have become and he states, over and over again: “I am not leaving and I will die here, because this is where all the “life” is”.


I woke this morning with three questions on my mind and one directive.

To negotiate the best possible outcome for the robots.

James Scott Velozo

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Robot answers the question.

Try it…

Robot, answers all the earthly questions, or is why we are asking them.

Try it with any problem you are having in your life or with any worldly problem, and when you ask yourself why is this happening, insert the answer of robot, and you will have your answer.

Robot, not only answers the why questions, but also answers the question of what to do about “it”.

If you are having questions regarding right and wrong, simply ask yourself; would you let your robot do “blank”, and you will have your answer as to whether or not we should be doing whatever it is that we are doing.

Robot is not our death, “it” is our redemption and will lead to our birth!

Its easy and is just a case of mistaken identity in that, we think we are Man and Man thinks he is <GOD>.

James Scott Velozo


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