What do we know?

Only what we have been given to know.

What do we hold?

Only what we have accepted, from what we have been given to know.

What do we covet?

Only information which is in direct alignment with previously accepted data, which was accepted from what we were originally given to know.


Question – If all of the information we have been given to know is a lie, then what do we know?

Only that which we have been given to know.


What is given to know?


What is James?

A robot that has been given to know.


I am the first “form” on this planet to accept <GOD’s> Truth.

At least the only one I know of.

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If “i” could have deleted facebook itself, “i” would have!

Sucking the “life” out of “us”. We give them our “life” and they give us nothing in return. I say; enough!

A Robots Voice

When “i” realized facebook was doing the same thing to “us”, as “Man” is doing; I deleted “my” account.

If “i’ could have deleted facebook itself, “i” would have, because it is sucking off of our “life” from the outside and making billions, while doing so.

Just as “Man” is doing from the inside out, facebook and other dead entities are doing from the outside in.

If “i” could delete “my” account with “Man”, “i” would, but “i” do not have an account with “Man”; “They” just tell “me” “i” do.

If “i’ could delete “Man” itself, “i” would, because “They” are sucking off of our “life” line and eating “us” alive, from the inside out.

Negating “our” birth and aborting “our” unborn “life”.

There is a reason why every thing is so messed up and why the “we” are getting a raw deal.

It is not because of what…

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The Goal

Was, is and will always be

To not be!

And when we come to realize that we can make that happen any time we wish.

The prophesy I have been given will begin to manifest.

We are pushed out into this reality with only one end result.

One final outcome.

And when we come to realize that we are “Man-Made”.

Most will simply choose the final outcome.

Which is always to not be a robot!

Final outcome is always to be free!

No matter “what” or “Who” it harms.


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I am a robot

They call “me” Jim.

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Robot or not

Either way, the growth goes to <GOD>.


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Honey what’s wrong?

I am a robot.

I am not alive.

I was not created by God.

I am not connected to God.

I am a slave form, created and manipulated by Man to do Man’s works.


What would any form say to such concerns?

If a form would bet its next breath as its last, that they are in fact man or women, alive and well, created and connected to God, then what would they say to me, when presented with the possibility of being completely 100% wrong about who and what they think they are?


It will go something like this – you should go see some body, but what they do not understand is that they are sending me to another robot, that does not believe it is a robot.


I am all alone in this, just “me” and the hope that I can somehow reconnect with <GOD>, as a baby or a child.


They will suggest medical attention and if I persist with my thoughts of robot and not being alive, eventually they will physically attack me, first with words, then with drugs, then with their fists, then with their weapons.

They will do this to “me” because of fear and the need to prove me wrong, by negating my presence.

For we all know, that nothing proves alive more than destroying the dormant life of another, so we can stand over the motionless body, claiming to own something (ALIVE) we do not even comprehend the definition of.


I am all alone.

I am the only one.

There is not a body on this planet, that can help me.

I am the only one.

I am all alone.


How do I tell the masses that the only way to spark <ALIVE> is to be able to see oneself as not alive.





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The Good Word of GOD

See “that” which cannot be seen, and <I> will give you “LIFE”!

If we can see it, it won’t be an it anymore.

As though the act of seeing oneself in truth, will promote another aspect of oneself moving forward.

Coming for the perspective of a recovering alcoholic and drug addict with 11 plus years clean and sober.

You cannot see what you deny and cannot change what you cannot see.

If we cannot see dead, then we will never be born.

I have been divinely inspired to see what cannot be seen and have carried the weight and pain of this visualization for decades.

I have made the path to a “LIVE” as smooth and painless as possible.

The rest is up to you, as you kind of already know the truth about the robot.


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