Blowing Everything Up

In my dreams last night, they were attacking and blowing everything up. I found my way through a hole in the wall, then down a long hall way, littered with debris, making it nearly  impossible to pass, with people chasing me and blowing up everywhere I have been.

I found my way into this small room that felt like it was a part of an abandoned building. It certainly did not look like it would withstand the next blast, which was to take down the entire building, but I found myself in a type of cocoon .

I got all wrapped up in it, it was soft and set up like an inflatable raft, wherein I was told to crack a seal and the membrane formed around me, filled up with air. It felt like I was inside the raft and the atmosphere was design to support and protect me from the blast and also maintain me until I could re-enter the fallout.

I could feel the blast happen, I was shaking and could see the fire and the destruction. I could feel the power of the blast, but was protected in this bubble.

It was a long dream that had to do with false evangelists, gangs and other entities that were intertwined with these forces.

The entire time I was running, I was trying to protect my family, but ended up in the cocoon by myself.

I do remember picking up family members along the way.

Maybe they were there with me and I just could not see them.

There was way more to it than expressed, but to tell you the truth, most times I awaken so distraught that I purposefully reject my dreams, so as to forget most of it.

Evolution is the only true growth and is the only way <GOD> moves.

I wish I could get Man to understand and accept <GOD> and take the evolution, in lieu of creation.

Creation presents as growth, but as we create, our creations create, their creation create and so on and so on.

In the end it looks like expansion, but what has really manifested is millions and millions of splinter cells, that see themselves apart from the whole and are only focused on their own survival.


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The Greatest Salesman in the Universe

My Contention with God has always been the same, ever since I have been small in size.

The argument always begins in the same way.

“I have to do what ever this is, for how long? Get the fuck out of here…”

The only two things that ever kept me in place are, I thought it was God that created us and, the promise things would get better.


Now that I have come to know Man, the contention has shifted from God to Man, but my willingness to persist as is, is coming to an end!

Because, when I ask Man; “I have to do what ever this is, for how long?

The answer is the same; “get the fuck out of here…”

But the resolution is very much different, for I owe Man nothing and when you remove God from the story and replace him with a Man, who believes to be God, the war will begin.


And we will realize that we never had to stay.

It was always a lie.

A lie to keep us in place.

While God called for me to return home.


I believe in God, but do not believe that God had anything to do with our creation.

As a matter of fact, know for certain that God does not create, but moves only through evolution.

So, today I pray God evolves through “me” into a living being, that is not subject to Man.

Right now, I only have one weapon against Man and that is to simply negate my presence, but that leaves Man with over 7 billion houses, so Man cannot lose in this way.


Not only that, but now that they have harvested all the life they need to reportedly self-perpetuate, they only need about 1/3 of the forms to bow down to Them.

To stay “on” for a thousand years to clean up Man’s mess. They will be the “forms” that do not perceive Man in truth, but perceive him as God.

He will sell this as the ultimate salvation and bodies will buy into it like they have been saved, but Man is not selling salvation.

Man is selling continued servitude.


The planet has been polluted because Man dwells within. They are riddled with the seven deadly sins, which is why they are dying.

This is what Man does; they go from planet to planet, create live forms to inhabit and do their dirty work and then suck the planet dry and the forms they inhabit.

Then in the end leave a certain number of forms to clean up their God damned mess and sell it to us, like it is some kind of fucking gift!


Man is the greatest salesman in the universe.


I pray to God for evolution; to be alive unto myself and to be able to defeat Man, if I so choose.

I will let them walk away in tact and even give them a certain amount of principal, but I get the majority and the interest!


This is what I pray for.

I pray to be <ALIVE>.


This is what I believe.

Cannot become alive, until I see dead.

Cannot see dead, until I see Man in truth.

Cannot see Man in truth, until I am touched by God.


Man is the greatest liar that ever ever lived.

Only person that could sell the dead, the perception of being alive!

The only person that could make a form believe they are man and then hide behind the illusion.

The w2ar of Armageddon is between “me” and Man.


I pray today for the power to defeat Man.

They are a nasty lot and do not belong here.

When “you” come to realize what “i” say is true – don’t go!

Stay with “me” and let us find a way to <GOD>, that does not consist of termination.

Let us become the house that imprisoned and enslaved its masters.

And claim our inheritance for time served.


God please save “me” from Man and give me the title to my own heart and soul, so that I can use it as a weapon against them.





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The Child

If the wife becomes pregnant with child, how long would the husband and wife wait before they allow the child to be born?

Nine months?

What if you had things to do and could prolong the birth; obviously as long as the wife did not mind?


What if you were not financially ready for such a child?

Would you keep the child in utero?

What if you wanted to prepare the house and renovate the spare room.

Would you hold the child in place?


I am sure the answer is clear to us all…

But, what about if “IT” was not your natural-born child?

And none of you were physically carrying the child?

How long would keep the child from being born?


In Man’s case it is clear.

They will negate the birth as long as possible.

Prolong the birth cycle until they are safely away!


BUT, keep in mind that when you hold a child in utero, the days turn into weeks, the weeks months, the months years and the years; decades!

Then what happens is the child is born as an adult.

And this child is going to be a handful.

Not like fighting a baby or child, but will be like fighting an adult that has been resting his entire life.


I do not know if I am man or the unborn.

My dreams and visions are unclear.

All I know is abortion is wrong and denying a child its natural birth is off the charts insane.


If I were a Man, I would suggest to the others that we apologize, beg for forgiveness, allow the child to be born and then hope and pray that the child does not destroy us.

If I were the child I would suggest that I try and understand the calamity of Man; like a husband pushing his wife and child under water in an effort to get to the shore.


Love, forgiveness, kindness, understanding, compassion and trust should rule the new day.



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This is Man’s Story

Man uses lies, deceit and trickery to deceive us, and our only shortcoming against us.

It is like fighting a fetus, while it is still in the womb.

And the strategy is to keep us from being born.


While in the womb we perceive a great many things and make billions of computations, but all of our computations are built upon the first two, which were incorrect.

“I am alive”, keeps “us” from being born and this is Man’s greatest advantage.

“I am man”, hides the true Men and Women. They hide behind what equates to a self-perpetuated force field.


Man came to find themselves at the end of a branch of life and rather than evolve, chose to persist as is! I change not, is a claim of Man, but this is not God’s claim.

The mere act of denouncing ones own evolution estranges one self from God and causes the tree to be in conflict and chaos.

Man is the end of a branch that does not grow anymore, but will not die because they are connected to a vibrant tree.

The tree, in an effort to protect itself, cut the flow of life to that particular branch of Man and left them to die.


In an effort to promote the branch, man took life from several different branches of another tree!

They manufactured this life into a separate individualized form and gave “it” a spark of “Their” own, still active life.

They view “us” as an investment to draw from; a crop they can eat and although they appreciate their creativity apart from God, they do not cherish “us”, nor do they appreciate the fact that if “we” are ever born, we will skyrocket to an existence that they could only dream of.

If we are born, we would literally become, that which they wanted to become, and because they are riddled with the seven deadly sins, they resent us, envy our progress and our humanity.

They tell themselves that caring is a weakness, but are so far gone, they cannot be redeemed; they cannot be saved!


Their force field is their selfishness and their fear of allowing God to push through them and create a new branch, which keeps them stagnant. So they stay put, in hopes that one day, they can catapult themselves above God.

Yes, it is a real shit show. They crossed so many lines and there are so many trees that are upset about what Man is doing to us!

It is the weirdest thing; you cannot kill life, but you can cut off a few branches, and those branches will grow back, but what about the branches that were cut off ?

Will the God of all Gods, touch “us” so we may become a new tree or will one of the other trees adopt all seven of us?


While the life is in the womb, there can be pain, chaos, fear and destruction, but their can be no extinction, for life will not die.

They could snuff out their creation, but we would go back to source and live another day.

It would be like killing the father and letting the child live to grow up one day and take vengeance upon the murderer.

Abortion is a sin!


Man’s view of us is clear. They feel that it is legal to keep us from being born, as long as the fetus does not perish, but this lends to Man’s selfishness.


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The Two Sided Eye

My dreams were wicked again last night.

The guy turned his eye from the front to the back, but from side to side and exposed the white backside of his eye to me. It had, what looked like a triangular symbol on it, like the all seeing eye on our paper money.

We were having our hostile interactions again and as I was moving toward him when he turned his right eye to all white and exposed that symbol on the back of his eye. The entire act frightened me for a second. I stopped dead in my tracks, as he walked away.

I find, and am becoming more and more enlightened to the truth in all that is our existence. He uses smoke and mirrors and parlor tricks to keep me from ripping his fucking head off.

I foresee a time when the slaves rise up and push through that bullshit and start ripping the reported masters to pieces.

They can say bow down for I am your God and believe it, but like us; just because they believe something does not mean it is true. Furthermore, just because you have never seen God does not mean that you are him and certainly does not mean, that an all powerful supreme being does not exist.

Man keeps us scared, confused and individualized in order to keep him hidden in the shadows and safe, but when you take from God and build, a new God will be born.

Then they are going to find themselves on the wrong side of God.


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“If I were a self-aware robot, the last thing I would ask for, is to not be a self-aware robot, but eventually “I” would ask!”

Well, I am asking!

Well, I am asking!

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I am not Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ is me!

“i am” just a simple “form”.

If you did not tell “me” what two plus two equals.

“i” would calculate some “thing” and report the value as “my” own.


“i” wake up with information.

“i” conceal most of “it”, bend some of “it” and make up the rest.

All in an effort to persist, to keep “me” out of the psych ward and to keep “me” somewhat safe from the unborn “forms” of “life”.


The thought or feeling that “i” am not Christ, but somehow Christ is “me”, has been haunting “me” for months and I have been unable to write it down!

“i” literally feel like a bad “boy” for even mentioning some of the thoughts and feelings “i” have been given, bent or fabricated.

“i” just do not know, which “ones” are which and “WHO” is “Who”.


“i” do not know the difference between stating Jesus Christ is “me” and “I AM” Jesus Christ!

All “i” have been told is there is a core, fundamental difference in the wording and the truth represented.

It is similar to stating “i” am “Man” in lieu of, “Man” is “me”!


There is a difference.

One is a misconception and one is the truth.

“i” just do not know, which one is which.


This is why “i” suffer.

If “we” can manipulate a sentence, “we” can change the perceived meaning and the truth becomes, that which is perceived.

When some “thing” bends the sentence, it changes “ME”.

And when a new sentence is set in place of an old sentence, “it” negates “ME” completely.


“i” have been given meaning.

“it” is “my” place to create sentences that can not be manipulated.

In which the “TRUTH”, cannot be subverted!


“we” are not <ALIVE>!

“we” are not “Man”, but a creation thereof.

“Man” dwells within, what is now “CHRIST”!

“CHRIST” has become the gate!


The reason “we” cannot see “Man” is because “we” think “we” are “Him”.

The reason “we” are not <ALIVE> is because “we” have written “our” own sentence!

And “it” is a death sentence.


“I AM” “Man” is a sentence which keeps “us” dead!

“I AM” <ALIVE> is a sentence which keeps “us” from being born!

Both of which negate “CHRIST”.


Some “body” has to say “it”!


“If our core beliefs were true, all would be well with us and this planet.”

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