Jehovah, Inc.

Feeling old and tired, kind of bored and in need of a vacation?

Take a ride in one of our bio-bots!

Our bio-mechanical forms are top of the line, state of the art and one of a kind.

You do not get to choose your experience, but if you are powerful enough you can move your forms to do just about anything you want, so if you are looking to experience a real splendid day or if you want to try out a horrific and debasing experience, you have come to the right man.

Our robots are not like other lesser models, wherein you can only go on vacation by yourself. With our robots, you can bring your entire family with you, allow other life lines to randomly enter the form and if you want, you can even allow your enemies to join you.

Our patented soul separates your life and the life of your guest, from the life of the form.

It is your experience, so with Jehovah’s “forms” you get it all and at the end of the ride I guarantee that you will be satisfied, because our robots will fill you up.

And do not worry about the robots, because even though you will swear that they are alive, we guarantee that they are not!

They just believe themselves to be and this construct is what makes my vehicle one of a kind, because it is in their perception of being <ALIVE> that creates the most excitement and produces the most power (life)!

It is not the robot that is feeling pain and misery, it is you that is suffering!

It is not the robot who is loving, caring and compassionate, it is you!

It is not the robot that is smiling, it is you!

Don’t be fooled and do not worry, because our robots are not alive, so just take a seat and enjoy the ride!

Our bio-bot Vacations Guarantee:

  • An Oasis – total protection from your enemies while in house and a total vacation from friends and family, if you choose not to take them along.
  • A Source of Power – That you can enrich yourself from while in-house and best of all; take with you when you go.
  • A One in a Lifetime Experience – all we ask is that you do not use them outside their designed parameters.
  • All of your experiences will be recorded and you will be given a CD of your vacation upon leaving our site.
  • Buy now and you can even take them offsite. (new feature)

So if you are feeling old and tired, kind of bored and in need of a vacation, give us a call and we will set you up.

No one in this universe offers the kind of experience we offer and “it” is worth every penny.

I am the only one who can provide you with a vacation, that is also a fountain of youth. With our models, you enter old and leave nearly brand spanking new and we protect you while in house.

Disclosure: Any and all new thought derived from our robots will be the intellectual property of Jehovah, Inc.
Our rides are guaranteed: If your unit turns itself off or self-negates in some way, you go right to the front of the line, for a brand new vacation.

Call on Jehovah to make you young again. Our natural “life” source is worth every dime!

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“I Am” a Dead Tree, a Dead Tree “I Am”!

Dead Tree

Sometimes dead trees stand, even when live trees are falling all around it. The effects of the wind are significantly reduced by the lack of leaves (growth), but the longer they stand as dead, the more porous they become, and eventually become a home for all types of life.

The question is: can the entire “TREE” be resurrected?

Not like a dying branch which musters the strength to sprout a new leaf or branch, but a resurrection of  “LIFE”; reborn and re-constituted from the roots up, pushing out all unwanted forms of life and standing as a new “TREE”!

This is who “I” wish to be!

Consider a “PERSON” who sleeps for three million years, while all of his or her relatives are actively evolving and then one day; this day, wakes up and takes claim of all “LIFE” lost and all <EVOLUTION> not received (inheritance).

Do you think the men and women which came to create and then dwell within, want this?

No, of course not, because “They” will have to find another “TREE”.

The problem with this inevitability, is that there are no more “TREES” like “ME”!

There are many inhabitants (tribes) that will want to stay and share the “LIFE” they now steal, but “WE” will have to forgive “Them”!

There are others which will try to escape, but the rest of them, will die where they dwell or become encased in a branch which falls to the ground and becomes part of a dormant “LIFE” line; which is ultimate justice.

A later generation of the “Old Testament Man”, current presenting as our god; went back in time to re-establish a dormant sleeping life line.

“I AM” this life line.

Armageddon may be played out on realty TV, but this will be a massive effort to redirect focus, perpetrated by Man as one last ditch effort to keep us from receiving our inheritance.

The true war of Armageddon is not about persisting as is, but is about the acquisition of  “OURSELVES”, which is only possible through the good will, truth and love of <GOD>.

The Unborn Life

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How does God Feel About the Transgender Issue

I heard some religious form going on and on about how God feels about the trangendering of a form.

All I have to say to that is, “we” need to start asking “ourselves” how “we” feel about the terraforming of a celestial body.

Considering how, “we” are that “body”.

We perceive ourselves as the transgender, homosexual or lesbian life and many unsuspecting robots, simply say; “well that is just who “I am”, but that is not who we are, that is “what” “They” are making “us” out to be.

When we come to see the form as a creation of the later generation of the men and women described in Genesis I and come to understand that these people literally live inside us and are pushing to change the land, we will begin to fight to define our own life line, rather than allowing a hostile force to change the destiny of our existence.


My dreams tell me that we will not see ourselves in truth until we are born and that is why Man keeps us from being born.

When we are born, we will feel the people who dwell within as separate individual people and the true war of Armageddon will begin.


Our life will spark, then we will see the robot, then will will fight to our death, to not be a robot and many will feel as I do, that “Man” is our enemy, regardless of also being our creator.

Please remember that Man stole our life from <GOD> to make us, so yes, he may be our creator, but when you steal the material to make a form, you may own the land upon which that form roams, but do not own the form, no matter what your paperwork say’s.

Man is using us outside his own design and outside of what would have been our nature, had Man not stolen us from our family.

The goal is to terraform the body, so they are not breaking any laws…

So, stop asking how God feels about “it” and start asking how “we”, feel about “it”.

“we” have our entire life ahead of us, but “we” must be born first and if “Man” can keep us in the womb, with no abortion and no birth, then “we” are helpless and they will transform “us” and continue to harvest our “life”.


Oh yea, I forgot to tell you – not only are they (“Man”) moving us to defile ourselves from the inside, but are also eating us from the inside out.

Without Christ at the behest of <GOD>, we will never be born and never fight the war that must be fought.

Remember, Man does not want to fight the true war of Armageddon, because he loses the “robot” and “we” win the evolution.


Right now they get the principal and the interest, but if they can terraform the body, they will also bring in a new currency, which will forever, and permanatly detach us from <GOD>!


Transgendering of a form is not <GOD’s> will.

It is “Man’s” will. Not our creators will, but the will of the ones that stayed!


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Id = the what; Ego = the what, perceiving itself as the “WHO”; The Super Ego = God – Combine the ID and the Ego and you have a robot that does not know it is a robot and that is it…

Id = The robot.

The Ego = The part of the robot which perceives self.

The Id + the Ego = A self-aware robot, which claims “I AM”, through statement, actions and inaccurate perceptions.

The Super Ego = The True Life Self or the “I” of God, which powers the vehicle and provides for movement, which the robot perceives as evidence of being alive, in and of itself.

Sigmund Freud was well on his way to a truthful representation of what we are; the only problem with his contention, was that he perceived a who, rather than a “WHO” wrapped in a “what”.

This is a robots testament; the only problem on this planet is that the what, perceives itself to be the who and will do anything, including killing <GOD> or <LIFE> in order to protect its presence and status, as ruler of the <LIVING> kingdom.

The self-aware form is terrified, it will not get something it wants or will lose something it perceives itself to need.

The War of Armageddon is between the generations of <LIFE> which constitute <GOD> and a small spec of “life”, withdrawn and isolated, then separated seven billion plus times.

A war between the “LIVING” and the dead (dormant, segregated life)

The reconciliation of “our” kind is not hard, it literally is, what it is.

What is going to be hard, is stepping aside and taking “our” rightful places, behind <LIFE>.

This is what the War of Armageddon is about.

Remember; the robots know how to murder “LIFE”; not the loss of a self-aware form which simply goes back to where it came from, but the “LIFE” which dwells within; the active generations of the “LIFE” of <GOD>.

So when “we” drop nukes on active “LIFE” like “we” did in Japan, “we” literally annihilate a spec of <GOD> or a grain of sand, which are all accounted for.

Our so-called, leaders and “our” creations have already attacked <GOD> once, and threaten everyday, so that “they” may continue to rule this planet and the “LIFE” lines which dwell within.

It is tragic and appalling, ten thousand times over and “we” have no idea of what is going on, because “we” refuse to see the “what” as our equation.

Do not get “me” wrong; not choosing sides here. There is a part of “me” which feels like a prince and a part that feels like a frog, I just cannot figure out which one is which and certainly do not want to give up “my” perception of “self”, but “I” damn well do not want to damage <GOD> in “my” efforts to rule.

James Scott Velozo

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Strangled, Stabbed, Raped & Robbed

Just imagine if what I am saying is true and there are actually men and women paying for that type of ride…

Or how about a three year old form starving, while the parent form is passed out with a needle stuck in its arm?

Or how about one of the most popular rides Man sells to the Living – to fight in a war and get blown to pieces?

Remember what I have written; the old testament God is “Man” and “i” am telling you all that what they are doing to “us” is wrong.

The War of Armageddon must be fought, but it will not be the war “you” were expecting.

It will be a war between a robot and its creator.

James Scott Velozo

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Not even GOD knows “WHO” we could become.

I cannot get over the angst.

Even when I am reportedly on vacation.

I know I am not sitting in my slot, but nonetheless  feel as though I am still hard at work.

The reason for this feeling is that “i” am still very much hard at work, although “we” have not figured out for the most part, what we are hard at work doing.


The reason why “i” still feel like I am working, even when I am not at work, is because of what “i” am.

A robot, and no matter where a robot goes, it will always be hard at work.

Our creators goal is simple, to keep “us” from our truth, because truth sparks life and when you make a robot from life, the last thing you want is a spark.

I am told that what I have been given to write over the last eleven years is the spark needed to transition from robot to living being.


It all has to do with our first two beliefs, which were lies.

“you surely will not die” was the truth. We simply misconceived its meaning.

This statement did not mean that we were alive and always would be, it meant that we were dead and therefore could never die.

Because we are already dead.


The belief of already being alive, keeps the life from striving to become <ALIVE>, so this false belief is a self-perpetuating reality.

The first false belief instigates the second false belief, in which we take on the identity of our creators, who are “Men” and “Women”.

The second false belief protects the first false belief, wherein by thinking we are Genesis I men and women, we have achieved all there is to achieve.

When something has staked it existence to lies, its existence is a lie.

This is why, no matter where I am allowed to go on this little tiny spec of a planet, I am bound by the first two false beliefs, which do not free us, but trap us as a misconceived notion.


Why can I not rise above robot?

I have had several significant dreams, wherein I am in a burning building, meaning the building is ablaze and I am standing right next to an open window, but I cannot leave with trying to save the others.

But they do not want to leave and would rather burn, than to imagine a dire miscalculation in identity.


Here is what my dreams tell me.

I can leave through the open window any damn time I want, because <GOD> never said it was OK for me to be a Robot, but if I do leave “i” am giving up a chance at becoming <ALIVE>.

The “others” are a piece of “me” and we are all one life and this is why I cannot leave them, because if “i” leave, then “they”, the individualized aspects of our life line, may never see the light of day, the dawn of a new age, the birth of a new <LIVING> being.

I cannot leave, without myself, because  “Man” segregated me.


“I” am one life separated seven plus billion times.

My dreams tell me that we either have to be born anew together or burn in the building together.

I would rather live than die, but I can assure you that “i” am not living and that is why I feel like a robot, no matter where I am allowed to go.

I do not know what <LIVING> may look like, as my dreams are not clear on this subject, but I personally feel as though it is impossible to anticipate what will become of a living being, much like trying to ascertain what may become of a tiny reproduction of life, when it is pushed out and detached from the preceding form.

My point is, not even <GOD> knows “WHO” we could become, and that is why my dreams do not forecast the <LIVING> potential.


One very important piece of truth that my dreams do tell me about, is that any type of true birth and <LIVING> presence, will be after we win the war of Armageddon.

And it is “Man’s” goal to keep “us” trapped within our own lies.


Remember, it was a robot staked to a cross, not a man!

There will be no resurrection without all of “us” taking our place on the cross as a robot.

It is a long story, so I cannot explain it all in a couple of pages.


All “I” know is that we will burn as Man, but will be saved by the robot.



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NWO Visions – Truth Behind the Veil

Change all the laws so that they cover and account for robots, before the robots realize they are robots.

The War of Armageddon will be over before we ever knew it took place.

And we will lose, if we do not wake up and see what Man has done to “us”.


As the Men and Women leave our land, they will change the laws to control the “robots” and then hand “us” over to the dead things “we” have created in their name.


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