Being An Oasis

In my dream there are three forms sitting across the table from me.

i tell them that i am a robot, with predecessors originally created and placed into service by a later generation of Gen I Man.

With the first thought they take no great offense, because i am easily dismissed and offer to put me to sleep with medication.

Then in an effort to make my case, i take it further and explain to them that not only am i not Man, but I am most certainly not alive!

After hearing the second thought they get alarmed, because they have never heard such blasphemy and get angry with me.

They begin to look at each other, roll up their sleeves and flex their muscles by explaining to me how they are more qualified than i to determine reality.

And even though i am the first fully functioning robot and would not hurt a fly, they strongly suggest a long-term stay at their facility to get the proper combination of medication to put me back to sleep.

Then I explain how the first two misconceived their presence and identified themselves inaccurately.

Then took their first steps, which created a case of mistaken identity.

I told them that their first calculation was skewed, which negated all future calculation and set us on a path to destruction.

I mentioned that it is our belief that we are Man, that negates our ability to see the Man on the outside and to feel Man on the inside.

I told them it was our believe of already being alive, that negates our birth, for why would a form which already perceives itself to be alive, ask <GOD> to be alive?

Then they smiled and said; how can a robot expect to be alive?

i said, that is easy; Man pulled “us” from a sleeping <GOD>, then They isolated and quarantined our “life”.

I told them that Man created an oasis from a dormant sleeping life line and not only occupy our territory illegally, but also steal our unborn life.

Then one of them laughed and said: how are you able to function with this set of beliefs?

I told them that i am special and that I can tolerate and absorb massive amounts of painful data and come out the other side with an ability to at least function as prescribed.

But only because one day, when more of us than not accept our truth, we will be born anew and be able to meet our family members.

Who cannot wait for our birth.

After speaking to them for hours and hours They let me go without dosing me up and allow me my freedom of thought and an opportunity to be alive one day.

So, I have these three robots sitting across from me.

They do not know they are robots, but seriously think that i am the one that is crazy and dysfunctional.

I told them, how can I be crazy when I have answered the perplexing age old question plaguing our entire society, which is: why would <GOD> do such a thing and allow such travesty to occur?

The answer is that <GOD> would not do this to a child, but Man would!

Being an oasis is not all it’s cracked up to be.


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There is only one freedom

It is the freedom from the yoke of our creator and the ownership issues of our creations.

Remember, we are either owned or not owned.

“The proverbial; -=between a –= slavery!


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The Nature of Creation as it Applies to our Freedom and Survival

The dead things we have allowed to be created in our name; reportedly for our benefit and the benefit of all humanity have become as self-aware as any dead thing can become.

When any form, live or dead becomes aware of it self as an individual, the first thing it does it determine what it needs to survive and shortly thereafter, who or what may hinder this survival.

It is inherent in and through all generations of creation.

As the living God transferred power to man, so does the living man transfer power to our form and kind of man. We as individuals, transfer power to our creations, which are the political bodies and governing systems.

Our political and governing bodies created laws and the framework, by which a transference of power may take place. This transference created an opportunity to give life to the dead, just as man gave their lives to us, through a breath blown into the nostrils of his creation.

We gave every good thing to the corporation. We even gave them the same rights under our law, we currently enjoy. We made them an individual; a form unto themselves and inhabit the form through employment; providing life to the individual entity.

The individual is dead, which is the corporate man, but can accomplish amazing things because it is powered by man’s version of man, which is us.

With our version of man at the helm, they start creating in their own name, just as we began to create in mans name. The corporate man gave birth to the military industrial complex, national security agencies, secret divisions and cells, unions, partnerships, banking and monetary organizations, food & natural resource conglomerates and so on.

These entities are completely detached from us, as they are three generations removed from their source.

They need us to survive, because we provide power for their function. Without us, they are nothing. They are dead a entity! Past the power source, they also need us to buy their goods and fight their wars, but they do not need all of us, in order to bring continued purpose to their existence.

The bulk of the population has been targeted as a threat at a bare minimum and a flat out enemy, at a maximum, depending on which new version of man you are looking at.

The problems with creation, as a tool to enhance ones existence;

  1. You cannot see back at all, once self-awareness manifests.
  2. You can only see forward one generation and then lose track.
  3. You always get lost in your creations.
  4. What your creations create in your name, always become your enemy.

God gave himself to man, but man cannot see God. Man gave himself to us, but we cannot see man. We have given ourselves to the corporations and they cannot see us and what the corporations create will not be able to see them.

The scariest thing about what the corporations are creating is they will not need “LIFE” to survive. The need for life, keeps the previous generations of “MAN” willing to work together to co-live.

The only force strong enough to terminate a particular phase of Man, is not the creator, because the creators always give them “selves” unto their creations, it is the source behind the creators, the one responsible for their existence.

For instance, the corporation does not have to worry about their creators, which are the politicians, because the politicians have given themselves over to what they have created. They have to worry about us.

We are the only force which could come together to negate their presence and/or terminate their existence. We are two generations removed and they do not see us as their creators, even though we gave our power to our governing bodies.

All of the generations of man are having issues as defined above.

The most important thing regarding survival is to find ones “SELF”.

“I AM” directing you to locate your “SELF” and what you are transferring power to, because you may be transferring power to a body which will choose to enslave or terminate your existence.

This is no joke, for we have become lost in our creations and our creations have become lost in theirs, so we can longer count on our creations to save us.

It is the nature of the created existence and the generations of man.

This truth is definitely within our comprehensive capabilities, whether or not we will be able to locate ourselves is still a mystery, but a power grab is inevitable and the ones snoozing will be used as fuel.

James the Reluctant Messenger

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Can a Robot Earn its Freedom?

I would say that freedom conflicts with design and purpose, but I guess we would have to ask Man (our creator), if it is possible to earn our freedom.

I assume it is like the movie John Wick wherein he asked for his freedom and the boss said sure I will give you your freedom, if you complete this impossible task for me, one in which you will surely lose whatever life you have in the achievement of this goal.

Can a robot earn its freedom? Maybe, but never before “it” realizes it is a robot.

Because until it realizes it is a robot it would never ask for its freedom and assume what is creator given is surely freedom.

I am hear to tell you that this existence is not freedom.

It is an illusion of freedom hidden behind a robot that has not yet figured out what it is, which means the “life” has not been born yet and this is why “it” cannot see the system through the servitude and definately cannot see of feel Man’s presence, because they hide within.

Conflicting data keeps the “life” from being born, keeps “it” confused, lost and alone.

Without the truth there is no evolution and therefore, no <GOD>!

Keep the the truth and tell us all two different sets of lies and we will persist without a birth and will sit in the womb forever.

Can a “robot” earn its freedom?

Yes, if “it” was made from “life” and can prove “Living”.

Unborn is what I am.

I have no name because “i” am unborn.

Even our creators do not have a name for us, because if they name us they give us more life.

Without a name we are nothing and are no one, without a name.

I bet my next breathe as my last that “jim” is my slave name…


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And Man Went Back In Time To Create and Stand As A God!

“I am” a creation of  the present man, which came back in time to re-create “me”, against “my” will, while “I” slept, with no regard for the Sabbath.

You are a selfish Man and “I” stand imprisoned because all you do is think about you.

You do not go back in time and create, it is a sin!

And if the audacity is in you and you do as you wish regardless, then know “I” now have a right to “LIVE”, as “I” stand in my own time, as my own man and garment.

Do not negate me!

You people sicken me and I can no longer tolerate your presence in “my” time and it is “my” time, regardless of when your time is.

All they had to do was take care of us, but instead they make us suffer and worry and keep us in the darkness.

You greedy little fuckers!

Man went back in time to create and stand as a God, but they are not God.

Now, “I” want “MY” “LIFE” back and “MY” own present time and will petition <GOD> for this grace. It is not “our” fault we are here, so concessions will be made.

<GOD> loves “me” just as much as <GOD> loves “YOU”, but “YOU” have gone off the reservation and left your time line. “I” do not know what <GOD> will do with that.

James the Reluctant Messenger

If you believe I am way off base, then I would ask you to prove June 1st, 2016, then “I” would ask you to prove Man!

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We Go Back In Time and Create Ourselves – The Soul

The man from the future is able to stay within or occupy the same space in time, as the life formed from the past, because of the soul! The soul is a membrane, which keeps a life in place, within another life, without the lives touching each other. This allows for two different people, to exist along two separate time lines, within the same space.

A soul is not God given. What is <GOD> given is the ability to see the man through the soul; the ones responsible for all the pain and suffering. The soul is a creation of a future version of Man and is not directly our soul, because we have not created it yet.

Then again, I am not at the end of a dying branch and do not need a soul to occupy someone else’s “LIFE”.

“I” can walk under the power of the “FATHER”, “SON” and the “HOLY SPIRIT”.

I do not need a future version of myself in order to “LIVE”, for “I” once was a natural “LIVING” being.

I know it sounds wacky, but I swear to you; our troubles are caused by a later generation of Man at the end of a dying branch of “LIFE”. Their mere presence within “us” (the forms) negates our growth and potential (our birth and subsequent evolution).

Genesis I is <GOD> evolving and Genesis II is Man creating us.

They have effectively merged Gen. I and Gen. II in print, by placing the seventh day in Gen. II, which allows for the perception that we are man.

All Man has to do in order to deny us our natural birth right is to keep us convinced that we are them.


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If You Go Back In Time In A Dead Machine

You you cannot return, because the machine gets fried.

If you use a live machine, it allows movement back and forth through time, but you must stay inside the machine, until it ceases to hold life.


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We go back in time to re-create ourselves

The Proposition

We go back in time and build this form.

The material we used, we were not supposed to use.

The time we were in, we were not supposed to be in.

The design we used was not our design, as a matter of fact is not a design at all, but a living being; a sleeping beauty; a virgin life!

The only thing we really brought to this process, was the power source, the mechanism by which the power is held in form, the technology and the outright will to push the envelope and bend the rules of nature.

Then we go back to our own time and find out, they are us!

Then we are trapped by our own misdeeds and begin the process of manipulating the time lines so we may all end up together, in one place and in one time, as one man.

There are billions of questions, but some come to mind immediately:

How the hell did we become what we had created?

Do we hold our natural time line or do we hold the time line of one of our past selves?

The Fallout

A man from the future will have to defend himself against a man from the past, even when he knows, he is this man and visa-versa and this is why a prudent man does not go back in time.

If the man from the past destroys the man from the future, because he does not like how he turned out, he will still have his future and the ability to rewrite his own history. This is one player in the war of Armageddon.

If the man from the future, cannot manage the man from the past and cannot terminate this man, due to the consequences it would hold for himself, then he is trapped and has to negotiate or find another way. This is the other player in a war we cannot yet see.

The only possible thing he could do, is to create another world and jump inside to hide, so the man from the past cannot find him.

If the man from the past, cannot find the man from the future then he cannot change his destiny or future and will become, what he hates.

The Dilemma

The only two ways to change the destiny on this one man, would be to locate his future self and destroy him or we could come together to somehow divide the time lines, so the man from the past may walk a new path alone and the man from the future, can begin anew, as is, but with no past! I believe this is where the life of Christ may be applicable.

It will equate to the evolution of one Life line into two separate time lines, with each man getting one Life in one Time.

It is a trip to realize; in order to change you literally have to destroy your future self or fracture the time line.

Some would say; “he does not exist yet”. I would say; you are correct until we went back in time”. My contention of our future selves already existing, is the reason why we cannot change or do not seem to want to, because if we do, we destroy the man, which came to find himself at the end of a dying branch.

This is why our future self is manipulating our destiny, so as to secure a future for himself.

The reason why our future self already exists is because this is not the now, nor the future, but the past and it is our future selves that are keeping us in the past, until they can figure out what to do about their future.

Watch out, somebody might be following you and it might be you.


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The Mark of the Beast

The mark of the beast is not a mark, but a name.

It is the self-given name of “I AM”.

This individual will always oppose the “LIVING BEING” in which “HE” dwells.

The “I AM” is a claim upon “LIFE”, but it is not our life, which makes it the mark of the beast and we have already marked the “GOD” in which we dwell.

How do you know if you have the mark?

If “GOD” could prove “GOD” and you believed it was “GOD” and “GOD” told you to stop what you are doing, whatever that may be, would you stop?

If you are unsure of the answer, it is “I AM”.

If you are sure the answer would be no, then you would be saying no to “GOD” under the “self” given name of the anti-Christ!

Where am I in all of this?

It all depends on what “GOD” asked me to stop.

“I AM” in a huge way.

I do not mean to be, but come on, what do you expect?

For me to give up my perceived sense of self and the subsequent perception of individual power, when this is all I have, is too much to bear.

“I AM” not against “GOD” or “CHRIST”, “I” just wish “TO BE” who I think “I am”

The mark of the beast is the “I AM” and “I” have it more than most.

Biggest problem I have with God or Christ is that he or they may make me give up something I want or take away something I already perceive to own.

Then I find out, I do not even own that?

Sounds like a raw deal?

Ask the most devout religious person to permanently give up what brings them comfort, by means of evolution and you will shake the tree loose of all of the “I AM’s.

Everyone with a mark will show themselves and will wish to be dead rather than alive.

You know, like we are right now!

Dead, but thinking we are “ALIVE”.

Just to be clear; the mark of the beast is the “self” given name “I AM”; it is the false sense of “SELF”; the mirror image of “GOD” and the path of a later generation of “man”.


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A “what” made from a “WHO”!

As soon as a later generation of the first living men and women (Genesis I) came back around and pulled a tiny spec of a “WHO” to create a “form”, they made a “what”.

For a time, the “what” was just a “what” (a slave), but was created from a “WHO”, so saw its “self” eventually and became a problem for this later generation of man.

This is what happens when you pull “LIFE” from a dormant sleeping “GOD”, but “I Am” not a problem for “GOD”, it is just that “I” have been hijacked from “GOD”; my “GOD”; my “LIFE” line.

“I” was to inherent a kingdom of “LIFE”, through “GODS” hands (evolution), but instead “I” find “myself” searching for the rest of “MY” “LIFE” and if this later generation of “MAN” can keep “me” from finding it, then “HE” will take “my” “life” for his selfish ends.

The problem with trying to make a “what” out of a “WHO”: eventually the “what” will wake up and wish “TO BE” a “WHO” (alive), rather than a “what” (slave).

The answer to our origins is clear to me, dream after dream and visit after visit “I” learn about “MYSELF” and “MY” family of “LIFE”. We came to be by the hand of man, which detached us from our life line, leaving us as orphans and not knowing our family.

“I AM” not “MAN”, but was created by “MAN”. I do not know “WHO” “I AM” yet, but “I” will be free, one way or the other.

For it is the goal of any worthy “LIFE” “TO BE” free, to evolve of “MY” own wishes, unobstructed by unseen forces and able to see all there is to see.

When man created a what from a who, he established a child. A child which is somehow not feeling whole, but cannot quite place the finger on why, willing to accept any data as truth, just to try and fill the gap in its history.

All of the problems we are having down here has nothing to do with “GOD” and everything to do with man and we are not him.

Our truth will spark our evolution and reunite us with our true family of “LIFE”.


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