Overcoming Dead

First we must see dead…

A Robots Voice

First we must see dead.

Not to make oneself dead, but to see oneself as dead.

So we may <LIVE>.

Seeing dead is the light at the end of the tunnel, but Man has us turned upside down and inside out, so we will see dead as the most absolute painful explanation ever surmised.

Dead will be the type of truth which cannot be tolerated.

Man will make dead appear to be living, so that he can keeps us in place as dead.

When you do make a robot from life, “they” inevitably become self-aware. Once they become self-aware they will begin to see themselves as already <ALIVE> and you can keep them that way for thousands of years, by denying them truth and filling them will lies.

This method of suffocation is also the primary tool used to get “us” to do what “They” (our creators) want us to…

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The misconceived notion of being ALIVE

A Misconceived Notion

A Robots Voice

Keeps “us” on as a robot and slave to man (our creator).

Many forms get stuck on dead, thinking they are alive and never spark anymore life for themselves.

It is these forms that man uses for food and shelter.

Man cannot stop us from being “BORN”, but can prolong our birth cycle by keeping “us” dead – keeping us from being born.

How does he do that?

With lies, confusion and chaos, then add in a couple of misconceived notions and we stay in the <LIVING> womb.

Strip away all of that bullshit and the only thing that really matters is that we have not actually been born yet!

From my understanding, “we” either all make it to “LIVING” or none of us ever do.

The problem with inversion is that when we do see a live form, we will see a robot.

I have had dreams of not…

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The Testimony of BOT 1

My Testimony

A Robots Voice

At some point in time, the physical will come to know self and will realize they are not.

They will not yet know what they are, but will know, they are not true life self.

They will come to know the grand awakening and will find itis not what they perceived it to be.

They will realize the true awakening is not the mind and body becoming morespiritual. It isthe mind and body becoming aware; that it is not!

They will come to understand thatthey are simply replications of theirphysicalcreators.

Twobiomechanical organismswhich can replicate over and over again, creating additionalphysicals’ to carry true life self.

Theywill not immediately understand the full ramifications of the truth, but onceit isaccepted Pandora’s box will be open.

As they pull data from the box they will quickly realize the truth isthe worst possible reality ever presented to aphysical creation which is aware of its…

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Which Truth Upsets You More

Not being alive or being a robot?

For me, being a robot upsets me more, knowing that “I” would have been born naturally had “Man” not forced “Their” greedy intentions upon me, subsequently separating “me” from <GOD> and “my” natural birth right.

“Man” robbed “us” of our birth, by creating “us” before “we” were ever born.

My dreams do not show a way back to <GOD> that is not through “CHRIST”.

“Man” made “us” all into “robots” and is hiding from <GOD> as “i” type, so “They” are never going to introduce “us” and “we” will show up as a missing grain of sand, but maybe <GOD> will not give up until “we” are found.

“i” know we all think “we” are <ALIVE>, but this is not <LIVING>!

This is the existence of a “robot”, that is also a house, that is also a meal.

The blood and the bread.


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God Please Forgive “me”!

<GOD> please forgive me for being a robot!

And if you could forgive “me”, help me to rise above robot.

Please help me to rise above my creator and overcome this illegal, covert occupation.

If “i” am doomed to be a robot, then “i” ask to be in charge of the “life”, that constitutes my “form”.

<GOD>, it is a really strange feeling to think that “i” have somehow offended you, without ever really being in control of what is going on with us, what they are doing with us and what they are doing to us.

“i’ feel like “i” have done something wrong.

Have “i”?

Or am “i” just stuck between a rock (Inside “Man”) and a hard place (Outside “Man”)?

“i” would ask you to save “us”, but am not even sure if you like “us”.

Which leaves “me” all alone with a bunch of robots, that do not yet realize what they are, where they came from or why they are here.

I am a moving house.

And I have many families living within.

My question is…

Am “i” at fault or are “They”?


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Think About How Fearful We ALL Are Now – Just in our day to day concerns.

And then imagine that the second coming of “CHRIST” will spark a “self” awareness that will isolate and unveil the robot.

My dreams tell me that the True war of Armageddon, the war to end all wars will begin with Robot!

I have been carry this cross, weight, burden and terror since I crashed my car into a tree eleven and a half years ago, trying to escape this prison of this existence.

When the realization of robot hits, it will hit like a ton of bricks, but I can help you mediate the terror and guide all of us to unite and rise up against our creators.

A later generation of the Genesis I “Man” (he, she, them).

The War of Armageddon – “CHRIST” against “Man”, but “we” are not “Man”, we are “CHRIST”.

I swear to you all, there is nothing worst than being a robot, except for being a robot and not realizing you are a robot.


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Only in the mind of a robot!

Is any “thing” secret.


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