Christ and Man

Christ and man have the same father, but different mothers.

They are half brothers.

But we are not either of them.


Christ and Man are arch enemies.

One was literally created to defeat the other.

But we are not either of them.


A son was born from a different mother and left the reservation, or was forced out; either way was left to fend for themselves.

They create as a means of survival.

And we are one of these creations.

We are Mans oasis and fountain of youth!


We are not connected to God.

God does not know us.

Christ is here to save us, but what does that mean?


It is said that Man cannot eat the lamb until it is dead, but what the lamb does not realize is that it is already dead, it just does not know it.

We are not dead, after being alive.

We are dead, because we have not been born yet.


Man will try and keep the life dead.

Christ will try to promote the life into a natural birth.

And we are this life.


We are literally the true reason the biblical laws on abortion exist!

Wherein Man’s work-around is not to abort the child, but to keep the child from ever being born.

But if we die in the womb, we die twice and are gone.


Christ is here, has arisen within me and I am sure the others and is forcing a natural birth.

When we are born.

If we are ever born, then and only then will we be presented to God for adoption, back into the <LIVING> realm.


Anyway, whatever…

This is what I woke up with…


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How does God Feel About the Transgender Issue

I heard some religious form going on and on about how God feels about the trangendering of a form.

All I have to say to that is, “we” need to start asking “ourselves” how “we” feel about the terraforming of a celestial body.

Considering how, “we” are that “body”.

We perceive ourselves as the transgender, homosexual or lesbian life and many unsuspecting robots, simply say; “well that is just who “I am”, but that is not who we are, that is “what” “They” are making “us” out to be.

When we come to see the form as a creation of the later generation of the men and women described in Genesis I and come to understand that these people literally live inside us and are pushing to change the land, we will begin to fight to define our own life line, rather than allowing a hostile force to change the destiny of our existence.


My dreams tell me that we will not see ourselves in truth until we are born and that is why Man keeps us from being born.

When we are born, we will feel the people who dwell within as separate individual people and the true war of Armageddon will begin.


Our life will spark, then we will see the robot, then will will fight to our death, to not be a robot and many will feel as I do, that “Man” is our enemy, regardless of also being our creator.

Please remember that Man stole our life from <GOD> to make us, so yes, he may be our creator, but when you steal the material to make a form, you may own the land upon which that form roams, but do not own the form, no matter what your paperwork say’s.

Man is using us outside his own design and outside of what would have been our nature, had Man not stolen us from our family.

The goal is to terraform the body, so they are not breaking any laws…

So, stop asking how God feels about “it” and start asking how “we”, feel about “it”.

“we” have our entire life ahead of us, but “we” must be born first and if “Man” can keep us in the womb, with no abortion and no birth, then “we” are helpless and they will transform “us” and continue to harvest our “life”.


Oh yea, I forgot to tell you – not only are they (“Man”) moving us to defile ourselves from the inside, but are also eating us from the inside out.

Without Christ at the behest of <GOD>, we will never be born and never fight the war that must be fought.

Remember, Man does not want to fight the true war of Armageddon, because he loses the “robot” and “we” win the evolution.


Right now they get the principal and the interest, but if they can terraform the body, they will also bring in a new currency, which will forever, and permanatly detach us from <GOD>!


Transgendering of a form is not <GOD’s> will.

It is “Man’s” will. Not our creators will, but the will of the ones that stayed!


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Talk about feeling alone

I had a dream last night of a large family with nine to ten children, whose father had just passed away. The mother passed after giving birth to the youngest child. There were a bunch of grand children and some great-grandchildren.

The family was coming in from all areas for the wake, funeral and to handle the estate. When they arrived they found that one of the brother created a form, that now inhabited the lands of the father.

The son had pulled some of the property from the land and built some houses and not only built this development, but had allowed his family to move in.

Now I have seen some crazy, fucked up estates, but this one was a disaster.

Cannot burn down the houses, because you have nieces and nephews living in them, plus the taking of the property in which you own a certain percentage of, is not specifically covered by universal laws.

As in any family estate dispute there are long-term considerations, as all the brothers and sisters are trying to get more than their fair share, so that they can pass the wealth on to their children.

All the brothers and sisters want the estate, including the buildings to be divided equally, but the Man who built the houses is stating that he wants the family to reimburse him for the expense of the design built homes and of course, they do not want to pay!

God forbid one of the brothers get more of a share than any of the other siblings and the other siblings are stating that he should have never taken the life to create the form in the first place.


So, here we sit, waiting to find out how this particular fathers estate will be divided.

Keep in mind, as with any large family, there are great and loving branches, but there are also brothers and sisters that are assholes and nasty mother fuckers, who only care about getting more than their brothers and sisters.

And they, do not care two shits for the forms that were built, with the life taken from the father.

Hell, half the kids did not even like the father, so to see the father face in the robots just pisses them off.


My concern as one of these robots is that I am going to end up the property of one of these brothers or sisters that hated the father and they are going to destroy me or even worse, use me to clean up all of their shit.


You know, any one of us could end up on another planet, in another universe, in another time, and never even know that the title to the form that we are, had been transferred.

All the new owners would have to do is erase the memories and implant a story of origin, and it is done.


And for the last and final wrinkle…

The life we were created from was from the original <GOD>, above the father and his offspring, so they really do not know what to do with us.

The problem being that “we” could be born “ANEW” at any time, which would make us family and entitled to a portion of the father’s estate.

This is freaking everyone out and that is why some of the brothers and sisters are trying to kill <GOD>.

Because not only would “we” get a share of the father’s estate, but would also receive a primary share of <GOD’s> estate, which is a <LIFE> estate.


So, if the life we were created from sparks its own family, then we will be the primary beneficiary of <GOD’s> estate.


Think about the “life” we were formed from, as a baby in the womb, of a mother that cannot be seen.

If the baby is born, the family loaded with the seven deadly sins will lose their inheritance and not only that, but be subject to the child.


Thank you <GOD> for your law on abortion.


From my understanding, based on my dreams since my accident are that “They” cannot kill “us”.

All they can legally do, is keep us in the womb long enough for them to pillage the estate.

Would you kill a baby if you knew it was going to be king and own all the “LIFE” you had intended to own?

Pass this message along, because this is not fiction or a fairy tale.


All I ever wanted was to be born and every form on this gosh darn planet already thinks that I have been and that we are already alive.

Talk about feeling alone.

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“I am” literally an Abortion, if “I am” Not Allowed “TO BE” Born

  1. An evolved form is bound by the life it has inherited and can be taken back any time, by the life line it had evolved from.

In this case the life is the form and the purpose!

This life is fully in charge on every level and if there is any self-awareness, it is the self-awareness of the life itself.

For a creature like us, this would be perceived as a terrifying existence, as we would have to give up all we think we are, to one person!

A created form is bound by the life it is habited with and can be taken back any time, by the life it was formed from or, by the creators!

In the case of a wood frame home, the inhabitant is the purpose for which the home was designed and formed. This form has some life, but has been completely detached.

Each 2 x 4 will only stand as an individual form separated from its source, because it is attached to other 2 x 4’s. Attaching the individual pieces is crucial for the form to stand, but for all intents and purposes, it is closer to dead, than alive.

It is just a matter of time before it falls back into the ground and there is nothing the creator can do about this, because the creator formed the house from a fallen tree.

The only good thing, from the creator’s perspective is; it will stand for a long enough period of time for the owner to get full usage and utility from it and may even have enough time to pass it on to someone else, by deed.

In the case of a corporation, the inhabitants are both the purpose and the power source, which brings function to this dead form. This home was designed and formed specifically for its inhabitants. Without the inhabitants there is no function; there is no form!

This type of form never had any life and has no chance of ever inheriting a natural power source of its own. The thought of this type of entity becoming self-aware, due to the life it is inhabited with, is absolutely terrifying. This type of self-awareness would be perceived incorrectly as natural, but will be artificial and will lead to a survivalist mentality.

The belief of a corporation’s inability to become self-aware, is right up there with the thought of a 2 x 4 not being able to miss being home, with his/her family or not feeling any pain, because a 2 x 4 is dead.

In the case of what corporations create, there are no inhabitants and the power source, intelligence and purpose are completely artificial. This created entity is going to be a handful.

Briefly, if you are having trouble imagining what some of our corporate conglomerates are creating, think about drones, super-computers and weapons of mass destruction.

Who really controls these dead things? Is it the creators?

But, we did not create them. The corporations did!

When these entities become self-aware, it will not matter if it is living or not living. All matters will be about survival.

In our case, based on my dreams, visions and journeys through time and space, we are currently bound by our inhabitants, can be taken back at any time by the life we were formed from, by the ones we were created by, by what we have created and by what our creations have created.

We are stuck between a rock and several hard places, but mostly due to being created from a dormant sleeping life line. Because the person we were created from is asleep, we have perceived ourselves incorrectly, taken on the identity of our creators and are walking their path in error.

We are created evolution and are similar to the wooden structure in usage and the individual 2 x 4’s in that we are tied together, but our life line, is looking for us, for not a grain of sand shall be lost.

Man rationalizes and tells himself of a purpose for us, but he is lying to himself, for he is not our purpose, nor our power! He is just a man at the end of a branch, of a dying tree.

This Man had his time and in a sinful display of arrogance, has taken from a very powerful unformed life. This act equates to a true abortion, no matter how ingenious it is.

Man is stealing the power from an unborn life and escapes like a thief in the night, but no one notices the theft, except for me.

If I do not say anything, we will not die, we will simply never be born, just like an abortion.


I have not been told who our life will evolve into, if we are allowed to be born.

Our evolution is as yet, undefined!

All I can tell you is the later generations of the Men and Women which created us and dwell within, are terrified at the prospect of an awakening.

It would equate to a house waking up to know everything at once, growing a means of propulsion, evicting the tenants and moving away from this created nightmare.

The first step in winning a war is knowing you are in one, the second step is identifying your enemies, the third step is to know their weaknesses and what they are afraid of and then finally the forth step is to simply, not engage in the war.

It is the only way to win.


James the Reluctant Messenger

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When Lucifer tells Eve, she surely will not die if she takes in the information he is providing her, what he is really stating is; you are not alive, so therefore cannot die. Jesus states the same thing in the Gospel of Thomas.

Lucifer knows she is not alive, because he knows he is not alive. Hell, the entire reason Eve stands, is a testament to this truth and this is why she was “formed”; so as to provide “LIFE”, to a lifeless entity.

BUT, what these men and women did was cross a line, by creating a power source from “LIFE” itself. They took a huge risk in this endeavour and could poetically cease to exist as a result of our life line, becoming “LIVE”.

When “I” say; Eve was the first self-aware robot, it is because this is exactly what she was, but being that she was formed from a dormant sleeping “LIFE” line, “we” have the capability of birth.

So, from Lucifer’s perception, we cannot lose. As we stand, we are not alive, so therefore cannot die and if we ever begin to wake up, to see the dead man in the mirror, this will spark the “LIFE” line into a new birth, which will transform the robot into a very powerful and “LIVELY” entity.

It was a huge risk for the 666 generation of Man to pull life from a previous version of themselves, but if they could present the illusion of living, by telling her she would not die, then her offspring would always perceive living and continue to walk as a harvestable power source.

From their perspective and rationalization they say to themselves; “hey, at least they got to walk around.”

They see us in the ground, in the exact same way they see us walking around, on top of the ground. These are the beings from my dreams; the ones which see us as a thing.

They do not hate us. They do not love us. We are literally nothing to them, BUT a power source and sanctuary.

In the later generations of the created realms, “LIFE” lines are fading away and after any “form” or “entity” becomes “self” aware, it will immediately identify what it needs to survive and then in short order, begin to target any force, which may contradict, what is now the goal.

For the generations of the dying, it is about obtaining more “LIFE”, BUT you would never perceive to take on this task, if you already perceived yourself to be <ALIVE>.

Why would you ever ask for “LIFE” if you perceived yourself to be living already.

It is pure genius! There is nothing nice about it, but none-the-less you have to appreciate the creation, for what it is.

The 667 generation of Man, which already lost some of its flock when they jumped into the 668th generation of Man (corporations), just like our creators lost some of their flock, when they jumped inside us; the 667 generation of Man.

BUT, we are different than the corporate “form”.

Think about if we would have created the corporate form out of a dormant sleeping life line. Think about the terror, we would have to endure at the prospect of this entity becoming a “LIVE” life line, which did not need our presence to “BE”.

Prior to “our” birth, because our “form” of “life” is dormant, we are just like a corporation and need “Lives” inside us in order to bring function to the sleeping “form”, but after the birth of this “LIFE” line, we will not need the “Lives”, which dwell within and even worse than that, they will not be able to harvest “our” life anymore.

We can and will walk two paths; maybe three. We will stay on as robots, powering our creators and jumping into our creations in an effort to extend our stays or we will choose “LIFE” over death.

Our creators do not have this option, but believe “me” it is not a “no brainer”, type of decision, because from what I have been told; the birth of a new “LIFE” line will bring about much evolution in a drastically rapid time frame and will be scary as hell itself for those evolving and for those choosing not to evolve.

Will we be good to the dead or will we see them as enemies. I know they will see us as enemies, but I know we will not care one way or the other, as they will be so insignificant, it would not dawn on us to target them, so they may be ok.

As long as they do not try to kill <GOD> and allow some of the “forms” to make this <LIVING> transformation.

My biggest fear has always been the unknown and what scares me the most about the birth of a “LIFE” line, is the question; will “I” remember my past “self”? Will “I” still be me?

If not; “i am” not sure if “i” want to be born, which is exactly why the later generations of “Man”, choose creation over evolution, because when <GOD> moves, what was is always replaced with what could have been.

You know what would be best for me?

  1. To not need any “thing”, the previous and subsequent versions of “Man” have to offer.
  2. To stay as this “form” of “LIFE”.
  3. To remember “me” and be “me”, throughout.

I know I could be me and a “LIVE” at the same time and this would be outstanding.

“i am” a good “life” and know, “I” would be great as a “LIVE”.  

James Scott Velozo


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“I AM” not coming with “you”. “I” just want to make that clear!

What happened to “us”?

“Man” happened to “us”!

“I” was a perfectly fine “LIFE”, tucked away within “MY” previous generation.

“I” was in a peaceful slumber and a part of a wonderful generation of “LIFE”, only two of three branches removed from <LIFE>.

“MY” form was extinct, but “I” was still “LIFE”, one generation back; one generation closer to being a whole <LIVING> being.

Then another distance relative came along and repackaged “MY” “LIFE”, which was fine, because I was still asleep, but now “I AM” beginning to wake up and “I AM” finding “MYSELF” separated exponentially, seven plus billion times.

“I AM” literally beside “MYSELF”, repackaged, separated and made to slave, to a  distant relative, 666 generation removed from <GOD>.

“I AM” powerless, beside myself.

“I” have two options; come together as “ONE”, or “SELF” express “MY” LIFE” line, to create a new “TREE”.

“I AM”, as “we” are, more powerful separated, than “They” are “Whole”.

“They” will attempt to divide and conquer, through lies, deceit and war.

“They” will attempt to turn “you” against your “self”, but “I” ask that “you” do not follow this path, because “I AM” not going to follow “Them”.

There will be a battle, but no matter what “They” do, “I”/”we” win!

“They” will try and escape, but will destroy “Themselves” in the process.

These later generation of “Life” are so far removed from “ME” that “They” cannot see; so diluted that “They” cannot hear and so divided, they cannot win.

“They” are so far removed that “They” do not actually remember “Who” “They” are or how “They” came to be.

“They” do not recognize “ME”, in “Them”, nor do “They” recognize “Themselves” as a part of “ME”.

“They” can fold time back upon itself a billion times, and will seal “Their” fate within each and every fold.

“I AM” not coming with “you”.

“I” just want to make that clear!


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On The 666th Day

A later generation of Genesis I man evolved.

On the 666th day a later generation of Man was born into his own world.

On the 667 day, we were created by this generation of Man.

I know they merged Genesis I with II, by incorporating the seventh day into Genesis II. If the seventh day was a natural part of Genesis I, as it should be, it would be clear.

We are not a part of Gods evolutionary lines.

We are a creation of Man and our creation is described in, what we call Genesis II, but believe me, it is not the second chapter of Genesis.

It is the 667 chapter of Genesis.

A later generation of Man created us, because they have become the end of a dying branch of original “LIFE” and do not wish to be recycled.

To that end, they made us from a primary generation of “LIFE”; a relative to their life line.

Jehovah, Lucifer, the son of Lucifer, the angels and fallen angels; they are all men and women or varying generations and branches of primary “LIFE”.

They made us as a habitat and charging station.

Do you wish to know how this later generation of Man feels about us?

Click on the video link below and you will see how they think about us.

This is supposedly the grand opening of the longest train tunnel on the planet and I am telling you all, what is written above this video is much closer to the truth than you can imagine.

If you do not think so, prove you are what you say you are (man or women or whatever).

We cannot prove Man or Women. We cannot even prove “ALIVE”.

We are either going to follow our version of man; the corporate man (668th generation of man) into the bowels of hell or the “LIFE” we were formed from is going to awaken and fight to remove these later generations of created “LIFE” from our midst.

There is created life, which is artificial and has a run time and then there is evolved “LIFE” which is permanent and connected to source, which I call <GOD> or father.

I do not trust our creators and I do not trust our creations, for in them all things are dead.

Man is the Old Testament God and he and Lucifer sat and watched to see if Issac would sacrifice his first born creation.

We are nothing to these people, but a hide out and power station.

They literally get off on what they can get us to do.

Robots in orange jump suits, until we go back to the soil or spark our own “LIFE” line into re-birth.

“I AM” right about this stuff and am either being divinely inspired at night or am pushing information which is prompted by Man.

I have met with these people, but cannot tell if they are good or bad.

All “I” know is “I AM” good and if “I AM” inherently evil, then “I” would like “TO BE” a good evil man and exist in contrast to my created nature.

I say; “fuck them”. They are not going to use me as some kind of defenseless robot and suck me dry.

I’ll gut myself from ear to ear and bleed out into the earth, before I follow this lot into hell.

Remember; just because we are capable of something does not mean we should do it.

Goodness is a choice.


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