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When is a Starting Line, a Finish Line? When we stand on the starting line, perceiving we are already alive!

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The Final Calculation and Fallout

The final calculation of an unaware, self-aware “form” would be “robot”. BUT, is this the spark of the beginning or the end? OR is it both, establishing our future as non-existent and our beginning as; never having taken place? The Gospel … Continue reading

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Mindfulness is Unaware, Self-aware Programming

If we are only focused on one thing at a time from the beginning to the ending of our individual cycles, we will never see what we are capable of seeing. Again “I” ask; how would the living “Man” control … Continue reading

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The Bibles Greatest Message

Will be found in between the words; “created, in”. We will replace the comma with a period, bringing closure to the seventh day, in it’s entirety and rightful location, all within Genesis I; isolating of the evolution of <GOD> and the truth which … Continue reading

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I Have News For You All

“our” creator, the one which re-formed this “body” of “LIFE”, is the leader of a later generation of “Man” at the end of a dying branch of “LIFE”. These people have names, like Jehovah, Lucifer, Michael and Gabriel. So are … Continue reading

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