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Genesis I – Made in the Image of God

Genesis II – Made in the image of Man Created by a later generation of Man. <GOD> reformed by Man While <GOD> was at rest, Man sinned and created us! We are not a sin, in and of ourselves, but … Continue reading

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Billionaires & Trillionaires

Billionaires and Trillionaires are the modern-day kings and queens of this planet and we never hear them mentioned on any news outlets. They may speak of these people by name, but never tag them for what they are. I heard … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson & Sean Hannity – When is a Starting Line a Finish Line?

When we stand on the starting line as a man, women, alive and well! When you stand on a starting line as man, women, alive and well and take your first step, and every subsequent step thereafter, as such, then you never actually leave … Continue reading

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