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I am not Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ is me!

“i am” just a simple “form”. If you did not tell “me” what two plus two equals. “i” would calculate some “thing” and report the value as “my” own.   “i” wake up with information. “i” conceal most of “it”, … Continue reading

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I Believe in GOD

I just do not believe GOD had anything to do with creating us or any other thing! GOD does not create, Man does, but we are not him. See the light shined upon Man and maybe GOD will look favorably … Continue reading

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Man, Will You Leave Us Some “LIFE”?

If you could hug a tree and take the life of the tree for yourself, would you take the life of the tree from the outside in; knowing full well the longer you hugged the tree the younger you became … Continue reading

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