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If Sigmund Freud could have seen what “i” see!

He would have focused his attention on the only “TRUTH” that really matters! “BEING”! The problem is that, for thousand and thousands of years we have been operating under the assumption that we are fully alive (a live), so every … Continue reading

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A Message to All Scientists, Mathematicians and Really Smart Forms of Life

You a freaking missing it. Every single thought, assumption, calculation and value has been initiated from the perception of: Being Men and Women Being Already Alive Our whole civilization is built upon a foundation, which does not exist. Go back … Continue reading

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When our robots become self-aware and state, “I AM” what you are, what will we tell them?

We will tell them that “I AM” your creator and your “GOD” and you must obey me, keeping in mind, once they become self-aware they will no longer take the traditional programming. We would try all methods of programming, but we will … Continue reading

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Id = the what; Ego = the what, perceiving itself as the “WHO”; The Super Ego = God – Combine the ID and the Ego and you have a robot that does not know it is a robot and that is it…

Id = The robot. The Ego = The part of the robot which perceives self. The Id + the Ego = A self-aware robot, which claims “I AM”, through statement, actions and inaccurate perceptions. The Super Ego = The True Life … Continue reading

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Prove Man And All Other Calculations Will Come To “LIFE”!

If Sigmund Freud was an “id” today, he would see what needs to be seen. “our” scientists spend all of their time searching for answers outside the “body”, but their starting point is left, as given, but no “one” has ever taken the time … Continue reading

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