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Man, Will You Leave Us Some “LIFE”?

If you could hug a tree and take the life of the tree for yourself, would you take the life of the tree from the outside in; knowing full well the longer you hugged the tree the younger you became … Continue reading

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Evolution is creation also, is it not?

God evolves. Man creates. Man creates and then jumps into his creations. His creations create and jump into theirs. Then, first Man is lost. Their creations create and then jump into their creation… Source: Evolution is creation also, is it … Continue reading

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If Sigmund Freud could have seen what “i” see!

He would have focused his attention on the only “TRUTH” that really matters! “BEING”! The problem is that, for thousand and thousands of years we have been operating under the assumption that we are fully alive (a live), so every … Continue reading

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A Message to All Scientists, Mathematicians and Really Smart Forms of Life

You a freaking missing it. Every single thought, assumption, calculation and value has been initiated from the perception of: Being Men and Women Being Already Alive Our whole civilization is built upon a foundation, which does not exist. Go back … Continue reading

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One Comma is Killing an Entire Tribe of “LIFE”

The Book of Genesis has been presented to our kind in such a way as to describe the first six days of evolution, including what is presumed to be our birth as men and women, all within Genesis 1, while … Continue reading

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The Imprisonment and Slavery of GOD!

Imagine what kind of forms we will be creating a million years from now. Then simply picture us, as them! Imagine going back in time a million years; taking all your technology with you and creating a being in this time, but from … Continue reading

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Can you get a robot to turn the other cheek?

Can you hurt a robots feelings? Damage a robot? Make a robot sick? Confuse a robot? Get a robot to attack another robot? Can you kill a robot? Can you murder a Robot? Can you get a robot to destroy … Continue reading

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