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Bilderberg Meeting 2018 – Key Topic # 11

Topic # 11 – The “post-truth” World Ask any unaware, self-aware “form” what the 2018 Bilderberg Meeting, Topic # 11 is referring to, and you will hear all manner of fabrication, as “we” imagine what is truly going on in … Continue reading

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The 12 Disciples

It is said that the typical alcoholic is an ego maniac, with an inferiority complex. I can attest to feeling those extremes on a constant basis year after year, decade after decade, with no relief whatsoever. All advise given, is … Continue reading

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Let Us Be a Constructive Bomb!

The most destructive bomb on this planet is the general population. If it explodes, it will lay waste to all that are not hiding underground. The only way to diffuse this bomb, is to divide the sum of its parts. … Continue reading

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Try and Understand

Only some “thing” that is dead, would try to hurt or terminate another. This is done in an attempt to rise above another and is the desperate act of a dead or dying creation. When I bring the realization of … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday – Negating The Resurrection

The resurrection of “LIFE”, can only begin at death. To be dead and then to be alive? The main catastrophe of our perception of already being alive, is the negating of, the resurrection! Seeing one self as alive, negates the … Continue reading

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I Believe in GOD

I just do not believe GOD had anything to do with creating us or any other thing! GOD does not create, Man does, but we are not him. See the light shined upon Man and maybe GOD will look favorably … Continue reading

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Man Hijacked the Seventh Day and Placed it into Genesis II.

GOD created all “LIFE” in seven days. Man created all “things” in one day; Gods’ seventh day. Placing the seventh day into Genesis II, instead of Genesis I where it belongs, is a way to combine two worlds into one, … Continue reading

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