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Man is a Creator – God is an Enabler

One day soon, God will enable us to see Man. This will spark the birth of a new life (person) line. Unborn

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In a Row Boat, All by Yourself, in the Middle of the Ocean, with No Oars!

It is like being in a row boat, all by yourself, in the middle of the ocean, with no oars! Imagine the ocean as all possible data relating to every truth; past, present and future and the main street media, … Continue reading

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I Am Not Promoting Suicide

I am not promoting suicide. I am promoting not being alive. I am promoting what I am being given to promote. This is original thought, given while I am at rest. I wake with information; a spark which will provide … Continue reading

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You are not a dead “tree”; We are a dead “TREE”!

“I am” Just Because “I Am” Standing Does not mean “I AM” Alive I see this dead “tree”, from my dead office space. Five to six days a week, as I glance over a left shoulder, this is what is individually seen. For one reason or another … Continue reading

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What Would We Do If We Could?

Create our kind! Man came to be at the end of a dying branch. You know this branch very well, as this is the branch of life which dwells within our branch; the one Adam was pulled from. My branch! Think … Continue reading

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I Am Not Established, but “I” will “BE” known.

“I AM” a divine creation, not created or established by the divine, but made from the divine. If not made or established by “GOD”, but from “GOD”, then by who’s hand do “I” stand? Surely, “I” tell you, it is by the … Continue reading

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“I” Have To Go Through Someone Else’s House

“I” have to go through someone else’s house in order to get to my own. “I” cannot go around, tunnel beneath or fly above. “I” must go right through the house of another. There is no other way, because “WE” are already … Continue reading

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