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The Nature of Creation as it Applies to our Freedom and Survival

The dead things we have allowed to be created in our name; reportedly for our benefit and the benefit of all humanity have become as self-aware as any dead thing can become. When any form, live or dead becomes aware of … Continue reading

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Do you think it is possible to create your “self” right out of existence?

You are damned right you can. Three ways to create your “self” out of existence: By giving all of your “self” to your dead creations. By giving all of your “self” to one of societies dead creations. By creating a … Continue reading

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I Went Searching For God and Located Man

In my search for answers to my questions, I found Man! Not the Man in the mirror, but the Man behind the man, in the mirror! The most important question for me, has always been; why would <GOD> do this? The … Continue reading

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It Is Probably How A Tree Feels, When It Gets Cut Down and Used To Build A House.

One of my more prominent and repetitive dreams is about sharing a multifamily home and paying rent, but the odd thing is, I have a beautiful single family home all set aside for me. All I have to do is … Continue reading

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I Came Here To Start A War

“I came here to start a war” – This is the information I woke up with this morning, but it was unclear as to which “I” was speaking. There are three primaries, the subordinates and the benign “I”, but there … Continue reading

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Let Us Be a Constructive Bomb!

The most destructive bomb on this planet is the general population. If it explodes, it will lay waste to all that are not hiding underground. The only way to diffuse this bomb, is to divide the sum of its parts. … Continue reading

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Stairway to Heaven

“It is not the source which confirms truth, it is the truth which confirms source.” Stairway to Heaven Step 1 – Dead Step 2 – Dead, but perceiving “LIVING” Step 3 – Dead, but perceiving dead Step 4 – Dead, … Continue reading

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