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Stairway to Heaven

“It is not the source which confirms truth, it is the truth which confirms source.” Stairway to Heaven Step 1 – Dead Step 2 – Dead, but perceiving “LIVING” Step 3 – Dead, but perceiving dead Step 4 – Dead, … Continue reading

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A Living Revelation

Our politicians, government officials and the entities they have created in our name, are not working for us anymore! These entities will do anything, to keep this realization away from the masses and this is the <GODS> honest truth. We … Continue reading

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What did Man do to God?

They formed <GOD> up, while <GOD> was asleep! AND every single time, “I” reach back to wipe the dung from “MY” body; “I” know what “Man” has done to “US”. “Man” went back in time to recreate. “WE” are that … Continue reading

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I Looked Through the Window and Saw Man

A robots nature is what is transpiring as a result of the programming received or accepted. Its design is what ever was created, but has no nature until it has been programmed. If a boy robot is in… Source: I … Continue reading

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I Went Searching For God and Located Man

In my search for answers to my questions, I found Man! Not the Man in the mirror, but the Man behind the man, in the mirror! The most important question for me, has always been; why would <GOD> do this? The … Continue reading

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If “I” Went Back in Time and Created Myself From Scratch

If I went back in time and took a previous version of myself, before I was born, formed it up, implanted a soul and then jumped inside myself, who’s “LIFE” would it be? Two people, from two different time lines, … Continue reading

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“I” Could Live Forever

You ever feel like you could live forever? You know, just one of those days when you really feel, truly young at heart! Then you look in the mirror and the feeling is smashed? This is because what we see … Continue reading

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