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“I Am” a Dead Tree, a Dead Tree “I Am”!

Sometimes dead trees stand, even when live trees are falling all around it. The effects of the wind are significantly reduced by the lack of leaves (growth), but the longer they stand as dead, the more porous they become, and eventually … Continue reading

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Id = the what; Ego = the what, perceiving itself as the “WHO”; The Super Ego = God – Combine the ID and the Ego and you have a robot that does not know it is a robot and that is it…

Id = The robot. The Ego = The part of the robot which perceives self. The Id + the Ego = A self-aware robot, which claims “I AM”, through statement, actions and inaccurate perceptions. The Super Ego = The True Life … Continue reading

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Strangled, Stabbed, Raped & Robbed

Just imagine if what I am saying is true and there are actually men and women paying for that type of ride… Or how about a three year old form starving, while the parent form is passed out with a … Continue reading

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Not even GOD knows “WHO” we could become.

I cannot get over the angst. Even when I am reportedly on vacation. I know I am not sitting in my slot, but nonetheless  feel as though I am still hard at work. The reason for this feeling is that … Continue reading

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NWO Visions – Truth Behind the Veil

Change all the laws so that they cover and account for robots, before the robots realize they are robots. The War of Armageddon will be over before we ever knew it took place. And we will lose, if we do … Continue reading

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The Wizard is Man – Pull Back the Curtain and we will see Man!

We are Man, is a false belief. It creates a curtain, which hides Man! Man is not a wizard and is certainly not <GOD>. He is just a Man, pull back the curtain and you will see. It is Man … Continue reading

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A Good Day For Me

Is if I only think about turning it off 2 – 3 times a day. Most of “us” would call this killing oneself, but “i” am not alive and “they” do not have a clue as to what is really … Continue reading

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