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Some time soon the seemingly absurd will all make sense.

Deed to “LIFE” = “LIVE” = “ALIVE” = Culmination of an Evolutionary Journey Lease on “LIFE” = Use of “LIVE” = Predetermined Time Frame Rental of “LIFE” (TAW) = Use of “LIFE” = Undetermined Time Frame Rental = The “LIFE” used = Some Self-Aware, … Continue reading

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The Unknown Terrorists

The first time the President of the United States used an executive order or any other method, overt or covert, to create a division, department or agency of the United States government that is, in and of itself whole and … Continue reading

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I Thank Man

“i” thank “Man” for my family, friends, dog, home, car, job, vacation and the perception of safety and freedom. “i” thank “Man” for all things. But “i” thank <GOD> for the “life”. And pray to <GOD> to be born. So I”i”I … Continue reading

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Son of Man

I meet with these beings in my dreams but, cannot place a recognizable face to their form. I can tell they are there but, cannot tell you who they look like. I have been in classrooms with others like me … Continue reading

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Lord Hear Our Prayer

Is a prayer to Man. There is a reason why God is not answering our prayers. It is because we are praying to our creator, thinking he is God. So in fact, we are thinking he is God, he is … Continue reading

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They are our children, but they are not family!

Our Kind Of Men & Women We come together as one body, to create living forms, as our children. As individual entities they walk this planet under the power of our creative nature and life line and most importantly, hold this life … Continue reading

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The Crucifixion and the Resurrection of the “LIVING”

A “LIVING” “MAN” was crucified and died on a cross. Every “man” and “women” there, would have sworn to their end, a “MAN” had been murdered; a “MAN” had died! “they” reported to the crucifixion as living “men” and “women”, “they” … Continue reading

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Alive, negates alive; if “we” are not alive!

And what did the Man tell “us”? You surely will not die… But not because the female form was alive. But because “it” was dead. Original sin is to assume one is alive, when one is not. And the tragedy … Continue reading

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God – Man

What if we were neither one? Would we not have to choose sides?   God – Man Alive – Dead Christ – Anti-Christ Evolution – Creation Freedom – Slavery Truth – Fiction Peace – War We win gracie!

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Being An Oasis

In my dream there are three forms sitting across the table from me. i tell them that i am a robot, with predecessors originally created and placed into service by a later generation of Gen I Man. With the first thought they … Continue reading

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