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My Father

When I was young my father was not there for me. He let me down. He sent me back into the lions den, unprotected! And the lions ate me alive… ate most of my life. I was able to escape … Continue reading

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Sex is just something the “Men” and “Women” do with “us”, for sport and to promote additional “forms” to inhabit. Love is just something we tell ourselves, in order to bend to the will of “Man” and reproduce. “i am” … Continue reading

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Is Not What Is In The Cup Mine?

There is a reason why we come to exist in this realm with nothing and why we leave this same realm, with nothing. It is because, we own nothing! If we create a division, which overtakes procession of an entire … Continue reading

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Evolution Created, Harnessed, Caged and Stolen From

<GOD> = An uncontrollable <SOURCE> of “POWER” – this <SOURCE> can be harnessed temporarily, but cannot be destroyed. (This is <US> <ALIVE>) “GOD” = An uncontrollable “POWER” source – this “POWER” can be harnessed for a time and can be destroyed, … Continue reading

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Happy Holiday’s

The constitution of the United States is restrictive, to those who strive for more and more profit and this is the only reason it is under attack. The notion of profit in and of itself is not a bad thing … Continue reading

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